Mentrup urges coordination on heat planning – Baden-Württemberg

Karlsruhe (dpa/lsw) – From the perspective of City Council President Frank Mentrup, the federal and state governments must quickly coordinate their specifications for municipal heat planning. “Otherwise we will have heat planning in which we cannot then explain to the citizens what we can do with it,” said the SPD politician to the German Press […]

Alarming Increase in Smoking Among Young People in Israel

SmokeA report from the Ministry of Health in Jerusalem reveals alarming trends in smoking habits among young people in Israel. The study, which summarizes the year 2022, shows an increase in the proportion of boys and girls who smoke by more than four percent in three years. Of particular concern is data showing that three […]

“Wagner” employees were killed in the plane crash in Mali

The Russian-made IL-76 plane crashed on the morning of Saturday, September 23, while landing at the Gao airport, it rolled off the runway, the UN mission in Mali reported. According to an airport representative, the plane was overloaded. The plane was used by the Malian army and mercenaries of the “Wagner” PMC, according to DW. […]

Our concern is people’s safety, not visa policy

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is an important and professional organization of the state. DMP ensures public safety. DMP has nothing to do with visa policy, it is a state matter. DMP Joint Commissioner (Operations) Biplab Kumar Sarkar said these things while talking to reporters on Sunday (September 24) about the US visa policy. He said, […]

Jungfrau Zeitung – BSV Bern ends long dry spell

100. Berner Derby | 24. September 2023 It’s been a while since BSV Bern last won a derby against Wacker Thun. In the 100th meeting between the two, it was that time again. The city of Bern celebrated a 29:23 home win thanks to a strong defensive performance. He became a decisive figure: Felix Aellen […]

Massive Protests Escalate Against Israel’s Controversial Judicial Reform

More than 100,000 people demonstrated again on Saturday evening in the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv against the right-wing religious government’s judicial reform. People also took to the streets again in other cities. The protests have been going on for 38 weeks. A huge banner with a red background that demonstrators carried in Tel […]

Kol Nidre for unbelievers | Jewish General

Years ago I had a non-Jewish friend who was from Eastern Europe. When our relationship was several months old and therefore stable enough to withstand even mild criticism, one day I asked my lover about something that I had noticed: When she prepared meat dishes, they were always a little too salty. This, she explained […]

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Accuses West of ‘Direct Combat’ in Ukraine Conflict

By helping Ukraine, Lavrov accuses the West of “direct combat” against Russia September 23, 2023, 9:13 p.m. Listen to article This audio version was artificially generated. More info | Send feedback Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is once again lashing out violently against the West. Ukraine’s allies would fight directly with Russia through financial aid and […]