▷ The influence of artificial intelligence on society: around 10 million euros …

08.12.2021 – 11:00 Volkswagen Foundation +++ Press release from the Volkswagen Foundation +++ The influence of artificial intelligence on society: around 10 million euros in funding for visionary projects The Volkswagen Foundation supports seven project consortia from the social and technical sciences with a total of 9.8 million euros. With its “Artificial Intelligence” initiative, it […]

▷ German privacy and sun protection company JalouCity makes it easier to start …

07.12.2021 – 11:00 JalouCity Berlin (ots) Franchises have brand awareness and clear plans and goals. You are therefore a strong partner for independence. The privacy and sun protection company JalouCity offers partners the opportunity to become self-employed under their own brand (https://www.jaloucity.de/go). Interested parties receive a lot of support and only bear a low risk. […]

▷ CCTV +: China-Europe Rail Express | Press portal

07.12.2021 – 18:40 CCTV+ Peking (ots/PRNewswire) As a result of the epidemic, there is a large backlog of sea freight in ports and air freight capacity has decreased significantly while the demand for international logistics increases. Therefore, rail freight transport has played a very important role. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world […]

▷ FW Ludwigshafen: apartment fire, Speyerer Strasse

24.09.2021 – 16:18 Ludwigshafen fire brigade Ludwigshafen (ots) FB. On Friday, September 24th, 2021, the Ludwigshafen fire brigade was alerted at 2:30 p.m. to a roof fire in Ludwigshafen-Oggersheim in Speyerer Straße. When the emergency services arrived, a strong development of smoke was visible from the top floor of a 2 1/2 storey residential building. […]

▷ POL-E: Essen: Cross-border search and control days – police provide 40 …

05.11.2021 – 11:42 Police food Food (ots) 45117 E. urban areas / 45468 Mh. urban areas: As part of the nationwide, cross-border search and control days, police officers from Essen and Mülheim an der Ruhr also checked suspicious vehicles and people in a concentrated action. Over 170 vehicles and more than 220 people were checked […]

▷ New at funk: “BRUDI” orientation format for young men

06.12.2021 – 16:30 ZDF Mainz (ots) No six pack? No stallion in bed? No money? No relationship – or even no desire for it? On Monday, December 6th, 2021, the new orientation format “BRUDI” starts in the funk network and takes on the topics that concern young men: from first sex, love, a fight with […]