POL-PPWP: What is known as the grandchild trick also works via messenger services!

15.11.2022 – 12:09 Police Headquarters West Palatinate Kaiserslautern (ots) A 66-year-old fell victim to scammers. The perpetrators contacted the woman via WhatsApp. They posed as their son and asked for money to pay alleged bills. The 66-year-old then transferred more than 4,000 euros to her supposed offspring. The woman did not realize that her chat […]

POL-PDNR: Road accident | press portal

14.11.2022 – 13:50 Police Headquarters Neuwied/Rhein Dattenberg – Wegestock (ots) On Friday morning, a truck and a car collided at the Wegestock intersection. A 58-year-old woman from Linz came with her car from the direction of Hahnen and wanted to turn right at the intersection towards St. Katharinen. Here, the woman overlooked a truck with […]

LPI-EF: Blackmail on the Internet | press portal

14.11.2022 – 11:11 State Police Inspectorate Erfurt Sömmerda/Erfurt (ots) A 17-year-old from Sömmerda was the victim of so-called “sextortion” yesterday. What began as a harmless flirt ended with high demands for money. With this form of blackmail, those affected first get to know a stranger via a social network such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or […]

POL-OL: +++ Dispute over craftsmen’s bill: Police investigate for extortion +++

09.11.2022 – 11:42 Police station Oldenburg-City / Ammerland Oldenburg (ots) A 37-year-old from Oldenburg has been blackmailed by two men in front of his house in the Ofenerdiek district in the past few days. Officials from the Oldenburg police were able to find the two men, aged 34 and 45, red-handed on Monday. A criminal […]

POL-HH: 221109-3. Fatal traffic accident in Hamburg-Billstedt – first findings

09.11.2022 – 10:40 Hamburg police Hamburg (ots) Time of accident: 09.11.2022, 09:00 a.m.; Place of accident: Hamburg-Billstedt, Schiffbeker Weg, driving south A man (65) was fatally injured in a traffic accident on Wednesday morning. Specialists from the Traffic Accident Service South (VD 4) are currently investigating the scene of the accident. According to current knowledge, […]

Change car insurance and save several hundred euros a year

09.11.2022 – 07:30 CHECK24 GmbH Munich (ots) Novice drivers save up to 47 percent of the annual fee by switching Families with a child who is entitled to drive pay up to 843 euros less by changing insurance Existing customers: More than ten percent increase in premiums for existing contracts Consumers can save several hundred […]

POL-D: Mörsenbroich – mass brawl in parking lot – man drives car into …

05.11.2022 – 15:57 Police Dusseldorf Düsseldorf (ots) Joint press release by the Düsseldorf police and the Düsseldorf public prosecutor’s office Mörsenbroich – mass brawl in parking lot – man drives car in group of people – five slightly injured – suspect arrested – murder commission determined Saturday 5 November at 04:05 The Düsseldorf police are […]

POL-PDNR: Parked car damaged | press portal

03.11.2022 – 10:38 Police Headquarters Neuwied/Rhein Linz on the Rhine (ots) Between October 28th, 2022 and November 2nd, 2022, a parked car was damaged in a parking lot on Hospitalstraße. Based on the damage pattern, the damage must have been caused by a maneuvering car. Information to the police inspection in Linz, 02644/9430 or [email protected] […]

POL-ESW: Fraud via “WhatsApp” messenger; prevent attentive people …

02.11.2022 – 11:13 Police Eschwege Eschwege Police Eschwege The investigators from the Fraud Commission are currently reporting on a number of cases of fraud, including via the Messenger service “WhatsApp”. Fortunately, in the cases mentioned, there was ultimately no financial loss. However, the victims did not immediately see through the scams and in two cases […]