Fuel prices remain “climbed”.

Editorial RoomCurrent Affairs With international and domestic fuel prices literally “rallying” in the last two months, the outlook is far from auspicious going forward, intensifying expectations for further pressure on inflationary trends at a time when accuracy is already a concern for households. The price of unleaded gas has now passed 2 euros at the […]

Carbon prices should be 20 times higher, say both Congos

Carbon credits produced in Africa and used by companies to offset pollution, paying for the conservation of forests on the continent, should be at least 20 times more expensive than current prices, said the two presidents of Congo Basin countries. A higher price would reduce the appetite for resource extraction and stimulate development in poorer […]

Real estate: Price decline for apartments and houses continues – Economy

Particularly significant price declines have been recorded in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf. Photo: Christian Charisius/dpa The prices for apartments and houses continue to fall. But many people still cannot afford to buy their own four walls because of the sharp rise in building interest rates. This is also bitter […]

CBS: house prices ‘stabilize’ after months of price decline

Existing owner-occupied homes changed hands last month for an average price of 0.6 percent higher than in July. In the previous month and in June, prices had also risen by several tenths of a percent. “With one month you can still say that there is a short interruption, but with three it seems that the […]

They updated the prices of the seven beef cuts of the Fair Prices program

The national government updated the values ​​of the seven popular cuts of meat that make up the Fair Prices program until October 15, the National Secretary of Commerce reported today. In a voluntary agreement between the commercial portfolio and export companies that make up the main cold storage rooms in the country, continuity was given […]