Why are fuel prices rising and why is chicken extremely expensive?

We have heard many times that the retail price of fuel is determined by many different factors: the fluctuating price of oil in the market, the margin of the refiner, the taxes applied by the state, the competition in gas station networks and so on and so forth. And the largest part of the price […]

Gold prices fell in the Emirates today

Gold prices in the UAE decreased, during today’s trading, compared to the levels recorded at the close of trading on Wednesday, amid a decline in prices in global markets.. The price of a gram of 24-carat gold fell to 210.62 dirhams, compared to 212.86 dirhams yesterday.. 22 carats amounted to about 193.07 dirhams per gram, […]

Apple also renews the iPad and iPad mini; How much will they cost?

Apple presented the renewal of its family of tablets with the new iPad and iPad mini, that improve the front camera with the new 12 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor and the centered framing of the iPad Pro. The technology company announced the news for iPad, which is “more popular and central than ever”, according […]

Due to expensive gas and lack of wind, the British returned to coal

Britain is currently taking electricity from the West Burton A coal-fired power plant operated by the French energy company EDF. “Two units helped stabilize the transmission system and secure supplies,” an EDF spokesman said, according to Sky News. Within a year at this time, the facility should be definitively decommissioned. So far, however, it is […]

Prices for your own four walls in Krefeld are exploding

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Homeownership in Krefeld has risen by 85 percent in five years

August 17, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Immowelt study : Homeownership in Krefeld has risen by 85 percent in five years Apartments in Krefeld have become considerably more expensive in the past five years. Photo: Jens Voss Krefeld According to a study by Immowelt, the silk city ranks eleventh among 77 major German cities with the […]

the decline in prices continues, with falls of up to 12% in one year

In the midst of a market that does not finish taking off, the sale prices of real estate they continue to decline. Different private surveys report a drop in values who still can’t find a flat, since there are no buyers willing to validate the prices demanded by the owners. To this situation, the amount […]

Consumer price index in August 2021 – Baden-Württemberg State Statistical Office

Consumer price index in August 2021 – Baden-Württemberg State Statistical Office Baden-Württemberg State Statistical Office Go to content menu Start :: Press :: Pressemitteilungen :: 240/2021 Hurry Presse­mit­teilun­gen Go to content Press release 240/2021 Stuttgart, 30. August 2021 Baden-Württemberg: Price index increased by 3.6% compared to August 2020. The consumer price index for Baden-Württemberg did not change […]

ČD will lose a billion this year, considering the purchase of a bus carrier

Czech Railways is interested in a company with at least fifty to one hundred buses. Due to numerous line closures, they now have to order alternative bus services from carriers. He spends almost a billion crowns a year in this way. “By running buses on its own axis, the railways would save significantly,” says Bednárik. […]

Gasoline again sees its biggest increase in 16 months as of Monday – Energy

Topping up a vehicle with a combustion engine will become more expensive as of next Monday, August 30th. The biggest increase will be registered in the price of gasoline, which is expected to rise at the fastest pace since April of last year, canceling out the last falls registered in the last two weeks. According […]