New VAT rates from July 1 and binding rate information. What will change?

VAT rates will be standardized from July 1. Similar goods will be taxed at the same rate, not three. As a result, some products will be cheaper. New matrix VAT rates this reform of the tax system has been announced for years. The government ends with absurd complications for entrepreneurs and standardizes rates. There will […]

Prices, advertising and other guidelines for the next few days without VAT | Economy

The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce issued a general administrative order to the suppliers of goods and services that will participate in the next days of the Day without VAT so that they stop and avoid practices that would be violating the rights of consumers.(Colombia is approaching 100,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus). The entity made […]

Gold attentive to sprouts can go to $ 2,000

In this sense, the experts at RBC Capital Markets consider that if coronavirus rebounds worsen with the consequent impact on the economy, gold could end the year close to $ 2,000. So, beyond lower growth reviews, such as those from the IMF, the factor to monitor is the increase in Covid-19 cases in the coming […]

The Government would extend the Maximum Prices program that reaches 2,300 products

The official recalled that Maximum Prices has been in force since March, at the beginning of the quarantine, “because we saw strong movements in times of uncertainty.” “For example, at the end of that month the demand in supermarkets registered levels similar to the days before Christmas. That generated a lot of nervousness and there […]

Apartment sales are falling. Owners are trying to keep the price of teeth nails

The value of flats sold fell by 15 percent to 10.7 billion crowns compared to last May. However, this has not been reflected in prices so far. According to Reas’ analysis, the average price per square meter rose by 2.8 percent to 44,594 crowns compared to the previous year. “It is very interesting that even […]

Buy or rent real estate 2020? What is currently more worthwhile

New housing construction in Lower Saxony The burden of buying an apartment has remained constant in almost all cities. (Photo: dpa) Erfurt, Dusseldorf Are real estate still affordable? If you worry about your future income, you are reluctant to buy real estate. This is all the more true because purchase prices have increased significantly in […]

Large selection, small prices: Ford Fiesta (type JA8) – used very solid

Small cars like the Ford Fiesta are not only great city cars, they can also be carried by prospective customers over long distances. Those who choose a fiesta also benefit from the low price. As a used vehicle, the Ford is not error-free. The Ford Fiesta is now a veteran in the small car segment. […]