The success of the private space launch vehicle ‘Hanbit-TLV’… “Laying the foundation for commercial launch” (Comprehensive)

The launch scene of the test launch vehicle ‘Hanbit-TLV’ (Photo = Innospace) [이데일리 함정선 기자] Korea’s first private space launch vehicle ‘Hanbit-TLV’ was successfully launched, and it is predicted that the era of ‘New Space’ will begin in earnest. In particular, it proves that domestic space startups have the capability to provide commercial launch services […]

The Second Jordanian Sustainable Thought Conference to celebrate Women’s Day at the Applied Science Private University

Watan Al-Youm – In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Applied Science Private University in Jordan, in cooperation with the Samar Foundation for Marketing Consulting and the Amox Foundation for Marketing, held its second development conference under the title “The Second Jordanian Conference on Sustainable Thought” under the slogan “Women are at the center of […]

P2p Credit – Page 2

The banking system in Europe is not in unison, there are differences. Most well-known p2p portals are located in the Baltic States (mainly Estonia) and some of them are suffering because of the UA war, since they have also given enough loans to Ukrainians and can no longer repay them due to the war situation. […]

Government cancels two new private universities

The Ministry of the Interior (Migob) made official this Tuesday the cancellation of the legal status of the Pan American University Association of Nicaragua (UPAN) and the University of the Pacific Association (UNIP), institutions that, among other things, it accuses of not complying with the ” minimum elements” in its academic offer and that several […]

The truth will come out soon! The private detective, who has been investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McKenna for years, comments on the Polish woman’s suspicions

The detective confirmed to the Spanish newspaper “El Independiente” that his analysis showed many differences, so he did not think that Julia Wendel was Madeleine. “I’ve done a biometric analysis and the two girls are absolutely nothing alike,” Marco said. (Biometrics is a tool that analyzes and compares people’s unique physical characteristics, such as facial […]

6700 SMEs: A contemporary look at the private sector in Cuba

A year and a half after the law on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) came into force, the island now has more than 6700 new economic players. Researchers from the Cuban Institute for Anthropology, together with the Ministry of Economy, have now developed a detailed insight into the current composition of the private sector in […]

ANME-SNPM. Good news for the driving forces of private radio and television

Following the example of the decisions taken in favor of journalists and employees of the written and online press, the ANME and the SNPM announced in a joint press release an increase of 2000 DH, staggered over two years, in favor of journalists of radio and private televisions. Their employed colleagues will receive an increase […]

How to use iMessage on Windows 11

the date 3/5/2023 12:19:20 AM (MENAFN- Youm7) Microsoft has released an update to its Phone Link app, which now enables iPhone users to access iMessage on a Windows PC. In addition to iMessage, the application allows making and receiving calls and displays iPhone notifications on the computer. How to use iMessage on PC Windows […]

Tips for consumers: Which insurances are important

March 6, 2023 at 5:00 am Tips for Consumers : Which insurances are important Which insurance is important to me? The choice is often not easy. Photo: dpa-tmn/Christin Klose Düsseldorf Health insurance and motor vehicle insurance are a must. Personal liability, disability and household contents policies are also advisable. What insurance do you really need? […]