several products contaminated by salmonella!

Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 at 10:17 p.m. In consultation with the AFSCA, Eurokip is withdrawing several products from sale and is recalling them to consumers because of the presence of salmonella. Eurokip asks its customers not to consume this product and to bring it back to the point of sale. The products were […]

Edomex. P&G to expand plant in Naucalpan

Millennium Digital Naucalpan / 16.08.2020 19:15:24 P & G’s Health division, P&G Health, announced the expansion of the Naucalpan Plant in Mexico in order to expand its production capacity within the Personal Health Care category, therefore will build a new state-of-the-art tablet manufacturing plant in Naucalpan. In a statement, the company said that the new […]

Ksenia Sobchak shocked with a twisted nose after an injury (PHOTOS)

The terrible injury of Ksenia Sobchak made it possible for her fans to follow not only her thoughts and products, but also the condition of her nose. This time, people noticed that it became curved. The broken nose of Ksenia Sobchak, according to some of her fans, has become a separate character in the latest […]

Corona crisis: Decathlon in Herne offers drive-in service

Herne. The Decathlon branch in Herne offers a drive-in service. This should help customers get to their products quickly and without contact. Efdbuimpo cjfufu ovo bvdi fjofo Esjwf.Jo.Tfswjdf bo / Ebnju tpmmfo ejf Lvoefo tdiofmmfs bo jisf Qspevluf lpnnfo l ÷ oofo- ufjmu ebt Voufsofinfo nju / Eb {v cfsef pomf kfxfjmjhfo Gjmjbmf bchfipmu / […]

The Government would extend the Maximum Prices program that reaches 2,300 products

The official recalled that Maximum Prices has been in force since March, at the beginning of the quarantine, “because we saw strong movements in times of uncertainty.” “For example, at the end of that month the demand in supermarkets registered levels similar to the days before Christmas. That generated a lot of nervousness and there […]

Corona crisis: Decathlon in Herne offers drive-in service

Herne. The Decathlon branch in Herne offers a drive-in service. The aim is to get customers to their products quickly and without contact. Decathlon now also offers a drive-in service. This should enable customers to get their products faster, the company says. To do this, the customer orders and pays online and picks up the […]

HBO Max Is Hollywood’s Newest Streaming Upstart. Can It Become a Star?

The launch of HBO’s streaming service was just three weeks away when HBO Max boss Kevin Reilly laid out the situation for his fellow executives on a video call. The good news, he told them, was the service had more than 100 shows in various states of production. The not-so-good news? Many were in limbo […]

Neiman Marcus, the luxury goods retailer filed for bankruptcy

The Neiman Marcus Group filed for bankruptcy protection Thursday, in one of the highest-profile collapses among retailers forced to temporarily close stores in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. In recent weeks, the company has succumbed to orders from state governments that closed businesses deemed nonessential to curb the spread of the virus. .