How TVP Plus works canceled Krystian Kuczkowski Łukasz Gerszta Bartłomiej Wnęk

Three areas covered by the dismissed directors are among the most important in the company. The programming office is responsible for the two main antennas on TVP: Jedynka and Dwójka; the director also orders large events for the broadcaster, e.g. concerts; Kuczkowski even ordered the last major concert of the broadcaster – on the […]

jowk | The best skills required for the Arab labor market this year

There are a lot of things and skills that you can do, especially on microservice sites like “Khamsat” and “Mostakal” (these are Arabic sites). And all the skills that I will mention to you now you can learn and do from home, and it can become your only source of income or additional income for […]

Serial Forbidden Fruit TVP2 cast when broadcast end Love and Destiny

“Forbidden Fruit” tells the story of Yildiz – a girl who has a difficult relationship behind her and dreams of living on a level. – Instead, she lives with Sister Zeynep in a poor neighborhood. One day he meets Mrs. Ender. The woman is rich and influential. She intends to use Yildiz to seduce […]

Where to watch the series Wounded Birds TVP1’s Magnificent Century

“Wounded Birds” is a Turkish drama series from 2019. The main plot revolves around the fate of Meryem and her younger brother Ömer. – She looked after the baby for five years. The boy appeared in their family when she was a teenager. Someone had left it to her father, Durmus. He wanted to sell […]

Donations – Icesi University, Cali

The Philanthropy Department’s purpose is to contribute to the institutional development of ICESI University and to be a key actor in social transformation in the Valle del Cauca region. The commitment of this new Directorate is to actively promote and foster a philanthropic culture in which it is conceived that all of us, from our […]

How to receive TVP MUX-6 digital terrestrial TV DVB-T2 / HEVC DVB-T new channels

On March 28 this year. in Dolnośląskie and Lubuskie voivodships there will be a change in the standard of digital terrestrial television. Most TV channels will be broadcast in DVB-T2 / HEVC standard. Viewers who have older equipment that do not comply with the new standard will lose access to most stations. The National Media […]

Vectra increase in cable operator cable networks higher fees why UPC Polska

In correspondence to subscribers, Vectra writes about the growing demand for Internet services during the pandemic. – We observe changes in the needs of our clients regarding the Internet, which, especially in recent years, has become a key tool enabling us to secure contact with loved ones, remote work, access to education, information […]

How to receive TVP Entertainment HD DVB-T2 / HEVC digital terrestrial television

A month ago, we informed you that the quality of TVP Entertainment has slightly improved. It was then that the broadcast in the resolution of 960×540 began. Previously, it was carried out in the resolution of 720×576. Now the TVP Entertainment channel is broadcast in HD resolution (1080p). The station, on the occasion of changing […]

KRRiT News TVP1 Complaints Donald Tusk Coronavirus

The aforementioned complaints only concern 2022. – The following complaints were received: against “Wiadomości” of 4 January 2022 – the allegation concerns the unreliability of the material “Surveillance Platform”, “News” broadcast on January 5 – 9, 2021 – the allegation concerns unreliable information strips (“Tusk drains the pockets of Poles”) and “Wiadomości” of January 11, […]