(Re)discover his jazzy cover of Rihanna’s title Stay! (video)

Ben L’Oncle Soul, who now likes to be called simply BEN, published a cover of one of the cult titles of Rihanna : Stay. The song released in 2012 quickly became a dazzling success. In 2015, Benjamin Duterde, real name, offers a jazzy version of the song, uploading it to the audio distribution platform, Soundcloud. […]

A pleasing 2021 financial year for Tornos

The Tornos group experienced very positive development during the 2021 financial year. Compared to the previous financial year, new orders increased by 108.8%, from 98 million to 204.6 million francs, indicates Wednesday the Provost manufacturer of machine tools in a press release. Net turnover amounted to 171.5 million, up 65.9% (103.4 million in 2020). Tornos […]

the FBI is looking for witnesses

New twist in the case… For more than two months now, the Houston police are still trying to unravel the true from the false in the Astroworld tragedy that shocked the whole world… From now on, it is squarely the FBI which has come to lend a hand to the investigation. The stakes are high […]

On a musical journey through the Diáspora Sefardí

Me. 19.01.2022 On a musical journey through the Diáspora Sefardí Under the title Sephardic Diaspora the Mizmorim Chamber Festival is bringing Jewish-Spanish music to Basel this week. by Julia Brogli 22.01.19 Mizmorim Festival 2022 Report on the Mizmorim Festival 2022 For the eighth time, the Mizmorim Festival in Basel invites you to a shared chamber […]

Travel around the world in your head NDR.de

Status: 01/18/2022 3:30 p.m Due to the corona pandemic, many are traveling less. In addition to memories and photos, it is often smells and acquaintances that bring the holiday back to life. by Pastor Corinna Leimbach-Peters My husband and I like to travel. We look forward to three weeks on the Baltic Sea with a […]

Zurich police and justice center goes into operation in stages

The cantonal police are now taking over the operation of the PJZ. The PJZ operation department is the first to move in, as the construction department announced on Monday. The other units will follow in the course of the year. Zurich West Prison opens in April. The last to move into the new building is […]

25 years ago: John Deacon plays his last Queen show

John Deacon told the bandmates of Queen, Brian May y Roger Taylor, who “would never play in the group again “after a one song show with Elton John at the Ballet for Life on January 17, 1997, at the Chailioton National Theater in Paris. They have agreed to collaborate with choreographer Maurice Bejart to create a ballet […]

“Mega-Constructions: Las Vegas High Roller” – documentary – documentary series, N24 Doku Austria, February 4th, 2022, 5:45 p.m. – broadcast in the TV program – TV & Radio

This episode focuses on the most imposing Ferris wheel in North America. The “Las Vegas High Roller” is 167 meters high, giving its visitors a great view of the gambling city. Thanks to its windproof cabins, which are transparent, guests have a view in all directions. Camera teams show the scooter in action and provide […]