CVM Group will invest 140 million in Greater Porto – Imobiliário

Born in September 1971, in Matosinhos, he graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Porto. Taking the “straw”, in 1994, he started his professional activity at Sopsec, in the area of ​​supervision of works, having two years later joined GestAmorim (private area of ​​the late businessman Américo Amorim), where he worked as project manager, […]

Real estate companies and specialists ward off bubble risk – Imobiliário

Despite the sharp rises in housing market prices, the recent rise in interest rates and the Euribor rate, in addition to rising inflation – which accentuates the loss of household purchasing power – real estate companies and sector specialists in the short and medium term the bubble scenario in the sector. Especially in the luxury […]

The biggest myths about mortgage lending

The dream of many people, a thatched roof house on Sylt If you want to put down roots on Sylt and don’t just want to rent, you have to buy real estate, for example in the form of a condominium or a house. However, this usually turns out to be anything but cheap. You have […]

Réalités acquires the head office of the CCI Maine-et-Loire in Angers

Rehabilitation project for the head office of the CCI Maine-et-Loire in Angers © DR At the end of 2021, Réalités was named the winner of the consultation launched by the CCI Maine-et-Loire for the sale of its head office located on boulevard du Roi René in Angers. The parties have signed an agreement to sell […]

ET Cinematic Astronomer: Unfortunately for you you have been replaced by a robot

A royal astronomer in Britain believes that any extraterrestrial beings of “flesh and blood” that evolved in space have now been controlled by super-intelligent robots, and that the same fate awaits the human race. The 79-year-old astrophysicist Martin Rees (Lord Ludlow), aged 79, suggested in a report published by the newspaper “The Times” that robots […]

How is Europe moving to calm investor fears?

The European Central Bank is trying to calm fears of a debt crisis after the bond market panic The European Central Bank has tried to calm fears of a debt crisis by promising “flexibility” in managing its huge balance sheet and accelerating work on new ways to reduce pressure on debt-laden countries such as Italy […]

How long do you have to delete a message sent by platform

With more or less ease, almost all messaging platforms let you delete messages sent by mistake, or about which you regretted Not all platforms allow delete messages indefinitely. Here we tell you how much time you have to repent and eliminate the trace of your message in each of them. WhatsApp WhatsApp It leaves you […]

stick writers | The Middle East

The memory of June 5 this year passed without wailing, wailing and exchanging insults between supporters and opponents. And the research on that historical event moved to its historical men as heroes and mortals who lost a war they started by mistake. They were all human, they made mistakes. They did not commit treason or […]