How retirement homes in the Freiburg region are currently dealing with the heat – Umkirch

High temperatures can affect older people in particular. In the facilities around Freiburg, people are prepared for the heat wave – with some special ideas. When temperatures rise, older people in particular suffer: dehydration, disorientation and physical weakness can be the result. In the retirement homes in Breisgau, among other things, there is an increased […]

Fire brigades of the VG Asbach support blood donation

Press release from 07/13/2022 The DRK Blood Donation Service West is currently drawing attention to the urgent need for blood donations. This call was also received by the fire brigades in the Asbach association of municipalities. “Without thinking twice, it was clear: We’re going to donate blood,” reports fire chief Arnold Schuecke and mobilized the […]

High willingness to donate blood among the citizens of Katzwinkel

Press release from 07/11/2022 In many places, a declining willingness to donate blood is offset by a growing need. Not so in Katzwinkel. Because there was a pleasingly high response at the last blood donation appointment. Many donors were repeat donors, but a few had never donated blood before. Tim Kweatkowski […]

Linz: Made an accident with Grandpa’s wheelchair

Press release from 07/10/2022 On Friday afternoon (July 8th) in Linz am Rhein, a 16-year-old made an embarrassing trip with grandpa’s wheelchair: he scraped along a parked car and initially ran away. (Symbolfoto) Linz on the Rhine. As reported by the police, the 16-year-old was “without physical deficits” in his grandfather’s […]

Municipality of Schangnau is looking for helpers and money

The Kemmeribodenbad excursion destination with its hotel and restaurant, which is well-known beyond the canton’s borders, was particularly hard hit by the floods on Monday. The village of Bumbach and the Schwand area were also flooded. According to a statement from the municipality and the regional authorities, the hotel restaurant will remain closed for a […]