35 ballots were canceled at a site in St. Petersburg :: Society :: RBC

The election commission of St. Petersburg canceled 35 ballots at the polling station where David Frenkel’s journalist was broken arm. This was announced by Oleg Zatsepa, a member of the city election commission with a casting vote, reports TASS. According to him, only ballots in the portable ballot box for amendments to the Constitution were […]

In the Volgograd region voted for a return to Moscow time :: Society :: RBC

Volgograd (Photo: Cyril Braga / Getty Images) Most residents of the Volgograd region voted to switch from local to Moscow time. This was announced at a meeting on the basis of a vote on constitutional amendments and a poll about the time, deputy of the regional Duma Sergei Bulgakov, RIA Novosti reports. A survey on […]

MSU results and answer sheets are available! ÖSYM 2020 MSU result screen and base scores…

National Defense University Military Student Candidate Determination Exam (2020-MSÜ) results have been announced. Candidates started to learn the results of MSU via the address explanation system of OSYM, result.osym.gov.tr. After MSU results, answer papers and candidate answers were opened to access. Students who will continue their education in military schools made their choices at https://personeltemin.msb.gov.tr/. […]