Cherub Volume 6: Blood for Blood

Cherub Volume 6: Blood for Blood Every day, animals are sacrificed in scientific experimentation laboratories. Agent James Adams and his sister Lauren are tasked with identifying the members of a terrorist group desperate to put an end to this massacre. An operation that will take them to the frontiers of good and evil … Cherub […]

Dumbo. The story of the film – Emmaus Label

Dumbo. The plot of the film Holt Farrier, a former circus rider, is in charge of taking care of a baby elephant whose oversized ears are the laughing stock of the public. Milly and Joe, her children, discover that the animal can fly! The young pachyderm will then attract attention. And the circus will do […]

Explore classic levels in this digital video game museum

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums One of the things that makes video games magical is the opportunity they give you to explore and discover worlds, places that remain in our memory and become part of our lives. Today, thanks to the effort of an […]

Adventurers of science cycle Volume 2: The Ultimate Secret

The Ultimate Secret 2 million years ago: the human brain designed the tool, which increased its efficiency. 50 years ago: he developed the first artificial intelligence programs. 5 years ago: machines manage to think on their own. A week ago, a human brain with the help of a computer accesses “The Ultimate Secret” … Combining […]

Applefest 1981: Review of the first Apple trade fair 40 years ago

In June 1981 the first Applefest takes place in Boston. Not only is it the first ever event dedicated to the company’s products; it is said to be the first ever meeting with a single computer. At least the first independent one. Because the small in-house exhibition Apple Expo, with its stops in four American […]