Zelensky refused elections in 2024: OP insider revealed what signal was given to Biden

Reading Time: 50 Seconds This information was reported by the Resident telegram channel, URA-Inform reports. “An insider from the OP has released information confirming that plans for holding elections in 2024 have been stopped. The reason for this decision was the inconsistency with the position of the Biden Administration, which did not approve of Andrey […]

Yaghi: The problems facing our countries have exposed the global system and revealed the absence of justice in it… The G77 Summit and China: The urgent need to carry out comprehensive reform of the multilateral financial system

Yesterday, the Group of 77-China summit concluded in the Cuban capital, Havana, with the participation of more than 134 countries, including Syria. Finance Minister Kenan Yaghi, in an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV, considered that Syria’s presence at the summit is an affirmation of its commitment to the principles and goals of the group. Pointing out […]

The media revealed the timing of the long-awaited deliveries of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine: Biden is preparing a decision

Reading Time: 58 Seconds URA-Inform reports on the timing of the transfer of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine, citing The Wall Street Journal. Recently, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky expressed his intention to discuss the issue of supplying the mentioned missiles during upcoming negotiations with US President Joe Biden. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, the […]

“Wen government manipulates statistics”… The truth must be revealed through a thorough and fair investigation. [사설]

Click to enlarge On the 15th, the Board of Audit and Inspection confirmed that the Presidential Secretariat of the Moon Jae-in administration and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport had committed illegal acts such as manipulating statistical figures or distorting information by pressuring the National Statistical Office and the Korea Real Estate Agency, and […]

The electoral register accessible to all and the polling stations revealed

“The national electoral register of Madagascar can now be consulted and downloaded on the CENI website and also accessible at the CENI headquarters in Alarobia,” declared yesterday this body responsible for organizing elections in the country. With the aim of carrying out the electoral process in better conditions, the CENI also organized yesterday a presentation […]

Unexpected changes in the Russian economy: Blomberg revealed where the surplus came from

Reading Time: 51 Seconds This was reported by URA-Inform, citing Bloomberg. According to the source’s calculations, based on data from the Russian Ministry of Finance, there was a surplus of close to 456 billion rubles (equivalent to $4.7 billion) in August, one of the most significant monthly achievements this year. “The Russian budget continues to […]