14.V Musical performance for children “Rūķu Riču Raču” in Ādaži

On May 14 at 12.00 in Ādaži Culture Center there will be a new musical performance for children “Rūķu Riču Raču”. The musical will feature songs by Arvīds Žilinskas, Elga Īgenberga, Jānis Lūsēns and other Latvian composers. The role of dwarfs will be played by popular artists in Latvia: singer Zigfrīds Muktupāvels, singer Anta Eņģele, […]

A special event will help high school students prepare for exams

On May 6, the event “Tips for Exams” will take place, where lecturers, graduates of the University of Latvia (LU) and representatives of the State Education Content Center (VISC) will help 11th and 12th grade students prepare for the upcoming examinations, LETA Victoria Yelena. LU and VISC experts will help you prepare for the exam […]

23.IV Lark Day Fair in Salaspils

On April 23, from 8.00 to 14.00, the annual Circus Day Fair will take place in the National Botanical Garden in Salaspils, which is the first NBD plant market organized this year. The plant fair is a much-anticipated event in the life of gardeners, as the assortment of plants on the market is also enriched […]

Changes in two public transport routes to Saulkrasti are expected

From April 25, 2022, changes in the public transport route No. 5456 “Limbaži-Stiene-Saulkrasti” and No. 5457 “Limbaži-Liepupe-Saulkrasti” are expected for the convenience of passengers. The execution time of the flights will be changed, as well as the stop “Mārstagi” will be closed on some flights and a new stop – “Rudzīši” will be added, informs […]

You can see the floating fountains in the Riga canal again

The fact that spring has begun can be established not only after the return of migratory birds, but also by the fact that floating fountains in the City Canal near the Latvian National Opera and Bastejkalns, as well as the Bastejkalns cascade fountain have started operating in Riga. According to the Housing and Environment Department […]

Global financial markets and our pension savings in the shadow of two wars

The financial markets have not had any leisurely walks in the park in recent years (due to Covida, of course), but in the end, all the turmoil in the market was offset by a decent return on investment. The most popular group of plans of the state funded pension system (with a permissible share in […]

In March, the mood of entrepreneurs was positive only in retail trade

Business confidence indicators describe the general situation in the sector and are obtained by conducting business surveys in industry, construction, retail trade and services. If the indicator is above zero, there is a positive business environment, if below zero – negative mood of entrepreneurs, reminds the CSB. According to seasonally adjusted data, the retail confidence […]

The rally on May 9 will be seen as support for Russian aggression

He admitted that currently it is up to the Riga City Council to allow a public event in the Victory Park. Ruks also admitted that there will be people who will go to the park even if the event is not allowed, because people have the right to move freely and express their thoughts. At […]

Without a meeting with Putin, it is not clear what Russia is ready to do

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky noted on Monday that without his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is impossible to know what Russia is ready to do. “I believe that without this meeting, in any format, it is not possible to really understand what they (Russia) are ready to stop the war and what we […]