Córdoba: violent assault against a family put an entire town on alert

In La Puerta, a small town in the Río Primero department, they don’t sleep. There are no shortage of reasons: a gang of four hooded criminals carried out a violent assault on an elderly couple in their home in the last few hours. The victims were beaten, tied and threatened. The gang won various assets […]

Teenager Arrested for Attempting to Sell Victim’s Phone on Facebook

A 19-year-old young man was arrested after trying to sell through Facebook the cell phone of the victim he shot during a robbery in the Buenos Aires town of Remedios de Escalada. The capture of the criminal occurred in the last hours after the complaint of the 37-year-old man and the monitoring that could be […]

Video of theft of a Brinks securities cart in Puente Alto, Chile – People – Culture

Brinks is a company that, according to the description on its website, “specializes in the secure transportation and handling of valuables throughout the logistics value chain.” (Also read: Video: humble home owner is robbed in Cúcuta; online they accuse her of ‘giving papaya’). It is logical, then, that, when transporting valuables, the workers’ ethics should […]

Crime of the engineer in Palermo: the details revealed by the autopsy

The autopsy carried out confirmed that Mariano Barbieri, the civil engineer murdered on Wednesday night in an assault in the woods of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, died from a single stab wound that entered the chest between six and seven centimeters and affected his heart. Judicial sources reported today. The autopsy was carried […]

Paris Jackson’s Los Angeles Mansion Intruder Incident: A Startling Encounter

The mansion that the singer and actress Paris Jackson, daughter of the artist Michael Jackson, has in the city of Los Angeles was the scene this Wednesday of a striking incident that required the intervention of the police. An intruder sneaked into the property’s gardens and came face to face with one of the tenants […]

Cell phone stolen from man who was making a call on the street

A thief took the cell phone from the hands of an individual who was making a call on the street while walking. The victim I was calmly walking while on call and suddenly the alleged thief took away mobile device from his hands. After that, the man tried to address the other subject to recover […]

Nurse Loses 400,000 Pesos in Nequi: Application Failed to Notify of Withdrawal

Yina Ximena Orjuela Espitia, a nursing assistant from Ibaguera, said that she lost 400,000 pesos that she had in Nequi. According to the user’s version, she does not know who withdrew the money. The application did not inform him of the withdrawal and neither did the password “The situation occurred on July 6. That day […]