Glossary: ​​Dear Englanders: A letter to the team before the final

Before the round of 16 against Germany, Frank Newhouses writes a letter to the English again before the final. Dear Englanders, there I am already again. I have to put something right. In my letter from the past week, I said ahead, that the german eleven will throw you highedged out. I must it togive […]

This is how France imposed a strange tax that caused the spread of diseases

During the past centuries, many countries did not hesitate to impose strange taxes on their citizens to fill their coffers. Like the Russian Tsar Peter the Great, who resorted to adopting a tax on the beard during the eighteenth century, with the aim of imitating the countries of Western Europe, after the great embassy trip, […]

Italian football team first reached the playoffs of Euro 2020 / GORDON

The victory was brought to the Italians by Manuel Locatelli’s double (on the 26th and 52nd minutes) and Ciro Immobile’s goal (on the 89th minute). The Swiss failed to score even once. The final result is 3: 0. The match took place in Rome. Italy also won big in the first match of Group A […]

Mourinho: after leading the England Furui No Wave Phillips show breaks the sky

Original title: Mourinho: After leading the England Furui no wave Phillips show breaks the sky England beat Croatia 1-0. Before taking on his new role in Rome, Mourinho, who served as a commentator, commented that the Three Lions deserve this result and they are one of the most promising teams. Mourinho said: “Everything is under […]

Italy beats Turkey 3-0 at Euro 2020 to break more records

Tenor Andrea Bocelli roused the Roman crowd ahead of kick-off with Nessun Dorma, then the Italian national side gave them what they came for — an impressive opening win at Euro 2020. “It was important to start well and it’s satisfying for us, for the crowd and for all Italians,” coach Roberto Mancini said of the […]

recidivist?It is revealed that the Russian female player was arrested in the French Open women’s doubles match-fixing last year and also defeated this year

Original title: Repeated offenders?It is revealed that the Russian female player was arrested in the French Open last year in women’s doubles match-fixing and also defeated this year. On June 4, Beijing time, according to a number of foreign media reports, Russian athlete Yana Sizikova was arrested by the local police for allegedly playing a […]