how Russia oppresses civilians in occupied territory

NOS NOS News•Sunday, 20:55 Christian Paauwe Editor Abroad Christian Paauwe Editor Abroad Anyone walking on the street in Shevchenkove can hardly see that the town was occupied by Russia until recently. There was no real fighting in the eastern Ukrainian village, you don’t see any houses that have been destroyed. Residents stand in line with […]

Column: When will the next intervention take place, and how will the effects and tactics of the government and the Bank of Japan be interpreted = Hideo Kumano | Reuters

Hideo Kumano The Dai-ichi Life Research Institute [Tokyo 26th]- Dollar-selling and yen-buying interventions by the government and the Bank of Japan will likely continue several times. The September 22nd intervention was truly a surprise attack. This intervention was a response to show a “resolute stance” not to break through the 145 yen defensive line after […]

Cafiero, on the Russia-Ukraine war: “Nuclear issues raise concern again”

The chancellor santiago cafiero referred to the eventual use of nuclear weapons and asserted that the war in Ukraine puts the world “in a scenario that threatens security and common well-being”. These statements were made within the framework of the 66th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which takes place in Austria. […]

Unrest is unleashed in Europe after the victory of Giorgia Meloni

While far-rightists like the Hungarian Orban celebrate, analysts speak of a “new stage” in the rise of populism and the markets focus on the great Italian debt. Meanwhile, at the diplomatic level, caution prevails. “We must continue to work together,” Macron said. The ascent to the poder de Giorgia Melonithe far-right that this Sunday took […]

The strong warning of the United States to Russia if it uses nuclear weapons

Washington – The United States warned the government of Vladimir Putin on Sunday that any use of nuclear weapons will have “catastrophic consequences” for Russia, since the North American country and its allies will respond “decisively”. This was stated by the White House national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, in an interview with CBS News in […]

China-India Attitude to Russia Begins to Change, Calls for End of War

loading… NEW YORK – China and India on Saturday (24/9/2022) called at the United Nations for negotiations to end Ukrainian war . This attitude put a stop to strong support for their traditional ally, Russia. After a week of pressure at the UN General Assembly, Russia’s Foreign Minister stepped into the UN General Assembly’s rostrum […]

Russia: school shooting – dead and injured

Russia Shooting rampage in a Russian school: many dead and injured Updated: 09/27/2022, 06:35 | Reading time: 5 minutes Several people were killed and injured when shots were fired in a Russian school in the city of Izhevsk. Photo: IMAGO / SNA Several people are said […]

Schwarzenegger: Europe “very, very vulnerable” in terms of energy

Munich (dpa) – US Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has spoken out in favor of nuclear power, also with a view to the Russian war of aggression. “I think that way back in the 70s and 80s we made the big mistake of phasing out nuclear power,” said the former governor of California on Sunday at […]