Línea Directa incorporates health insurance into its offer | Brands

Car, motorcycle, home and from now on also health. Direct line has announced that it is incorporating coverage focused on self-care into its insurance offering. In this way, the insurer stops operating in this field with the Vivaz brand, launched six years ago, in which it has reached 108,000 insured, reports the Invertia portal, from […]

What is safe mode and how is it used? – Moto E 3rd generation

What is safe mode and how is it used? – Moto E 3rd generation Safe mode boots the device without any third-party applications launching. This will allow you to open apps individually to try to determine which app is causing the problem. To enable safe mode: 1. Press the Power key 2. Press […]

Santalucía launches a savings insurance issue with a 9.2% coupon at maturity

The insurer St. Lucia has launched a new issue of its MaxiPlan Inversión Premium savings life insurance, with which it offers a 9.20% coupon at maturitywith a time horizon of four years, as reported this Monday in a statement. Insurance is a single premium product and links the investment to the evolution of the ‘Solactive […]

Is it really safe to feed your cat a vegan diet?

Recently, a social trend has emerged among certain groups that advocate feeding their pets a diet based on your own dietary preferenceswhich sometimes means a meatless diet. Veterinarians have long maintained that feeding cats on a meatless diet is a big mistake. But a recent study published in the open access journal PLOS ONE questions […]

«Well, it doesn’t come with having one more expense either»

The Government renounces for now applying some points of the Animal Welfare Law, such as the mandatory nature of the civil liability policy. A Saluki named Lola relaxes on a podium Reuters A few days ago Moncho hired a liability insurance for his two dogs, Arco and Elsa. He thought that with the entry into […]

Is it safe to refill plastic bottles with tap water?

Drinking water daily is a very healthy habit and necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Experts recommend eating an average of of liters up to date, although always taking into account the needs of each person. In order to drink that amount of water we usually spend the day stuck to a bottle: […]

“It is not a safe space”

The Lope de Vega in Seville will remain closed during the 2023-2024 season, although its programming will take place in other performing spaces in the city, outside of the emblematic theater. The decision, announced this Tuesday by the Culture delegate, Minerva Salas, is imposed by the technical deficiencies that this building dating from 1929 accumulates […]