Flat-rate ban on classroom instruction unjustified

Classroom Many parents are worried about their livelihood because they have to give up childcare because of childcare, says the President of the Association of Pediatricians. (Photo: dpa) Cologne In the corona crisis, the professional association of pediatricians considers that a blanket ban on classroom attendance in schools is not medically justified. It was also […]

North. Seven schools closed in Roubaix after a case of coronavirus

Seven schools in Roubaix (North), six public and one private, have been closed since Monday, May 18 as a precaution because of a case of Covid-19 among the pupils, the town hall and the rectorship said in a press release. > Follow our live Monday news dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic. A case of Coronavirus […]

Deconfinement, opening of schools and municipal councils: the May 12 recap

Thank you all for following this direct, the writing of The cross see you tomorrow. Find HERE all our articles dedicated to the Covid-19 pandemic. ⇒ 6:50 p.m .: [RECAP’] Most of the news today ♦ After two months of shutdown, thousands ofschools have reopened their doors in France. Restarting remains limited and strictly supervised […]

Targeted attacks on hospitals and schools in Syria

Bombarded hospital in Idlib According to Amnesty’s research, two of the 18 attacks on schools and hospitals included two with internationally outlawed barrel bombs by Syrian troops. (Photo: dpa) Damascus Syrian and allied Russian troops have targeted hospitals and schools in Syria, according to a report by the human rights organization Amnesty International. Between May […]

return to public schools from this Tuesday, in full days

The resumption will take place in all schools in the city, from May 12, in reduced numbers (10 or 15 students), over a full day. According to the establishments, it could be every other day or all week. In Vinci and Dolto, the large sections, CP and CM2 will return this Tuesday. In Matisse, the […]

The Netherlands will loosen measures for the tourism industry from July

Mark Rutte The Dutch prime minister calls his measures in the fight against Covid-19 an “intelligent lockdown”. (Photo: dpa) The Hague Two months after the “intelligent lockdown”, the Netherlands loosened the corona measures. As of the next week, hairdressers, beauty salons and massage practices will be able to reopen. This is followed by restaurants, cafés […]

what rules for parents from deconfinement on May 11?

During the confinement, many parents had to take care of their children, even participate in their education. The government then allowed them to take sick leave to devote themselves to this task full-time, which limited the impact on their remuneration, which was maintained at 90% of net salary. From May 11 and if nothing prevents […]

Corona restrictions are further relaxed

Berlin Public life in Germany is gradually getting going after weeks of corona restrictions; at the beginning of the week there are further easing. School operations shift up a gear. In many places, children are allowed to re-enter playgrounds, and museums and zoos are open again. Hairdressers can again serve customers. However, some industries still […]

Deconfinement. An extremely restrictive health protocol in schools

What is this protocol? Produced by the Ministry of Education, with the support of the certification company Bureau Veritas, this 63-page document specifies reopening of schools from May 11. It’s very comprehensive, but extremely complex to implement and ensure students respect. All these tips are likely to be further adjusted and supplemented , specifies the […]