fiber | have conversations with parents

contents Specialists often experience that they feel well trained to work with the children in the day-care centres. Working with parents and conducting conversations with often sensitive content, on the other hand, is experienced as a part of the work that challenges, pushes the limits and in some cases also overwhelms. The aim of this […]

The new gym of the Bissuola park in Mestre is ready

The inauguration is scheduled for the resumption of teaching activities, in September, but the new multipurpose gymnasium of the Bissuola park in Mestre, in via Virgilio, is already ready. Completely in wood, it was financed and built by the Metropolitan City with an investment of 2.5 million euros. The morning will be used by the […]

GEW warns of even more class failures

From the point of view of the GEW education union, the shortage of teachers in the southwest will become even worse in the next school year. The hiring figures of the Ministry of Education show that several hundred positions are likely to remain vacant, said GEW country manager Monika Stein of the German Press Agency […]

School enrollment in NRW: Corona questions open

Jul 24, 2022 @ 8:16am After the end of the summer holidays in NRW : 171,000 children are enrolled in school – Corona rules are still unclear Children with school bags go to their first day of school: In NRW there will be significantly more first graders this year than in 2021 (symbol image). Photo: […]

Starts September 24.. We publish the time map for the academic year 2022/202

02:06 PM Thursday 21 July 2022 Books – Mennat Allah Abdel Rahman: The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced the time map for the academic year (2022/2023) for all the different stages of education for the official and official schools of languages ​​and private and private schools for languages. The academic year begins on […]

92 percent of all adult Germans already have antibodies against corona

A study from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania recently showed that most young people have already built up at least a certain basic immunity to corona. With the publication of a new study, the Robert Koch Institute has now confirmed this impression for those over 18 as well. According to this, 92 percent of adults in Germany already […]

Cities warn Kretschmann of collapse in childcare – Baden-Württemberg

Heidelberg (dpa / lsw) – The municipalities have warned the state of a collapse in the expansion of day care centers and all-day care in elementary schools in view of the shortage of skilled workers and tight budgets. It is “completely unimaginable” that cities and municipalities will implement the gradual legal entitlement set by the […]