This is the protocol for returning to face-to-face classes

This Thursday the Federal Council of Education where they decided the protocol of the back to classroom in the schools of the country. Each of the provincial education authorities will decide when to do so according to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Nicols Trotta, the nation’s minister of education, led the virtual meeting with […]

Children who go to school learn better, according to experts

The American Academy of Pediatrics ensures that children who physically attend school obtain more efficient learning. The entity said they are not promoting the spread of covid-19 since, according to them, minors have less risk than adults of contracting the virus. The academy proposes that the next academic year be developed in person, because they […]

Uruguay: thousands of children returned to schools with precautions for the pandemic

Among the new conditions is the division of coursesof which one half will go to school on Monday and Tuesday, and the other half on Thursday and Friday, according to the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP). Likewise, the children had to undergo the disinfecting their backpacks and refraining from practicing games that involve contact […]

Plaga handed out the report card, in September he may go to school without veils

Updates: 30.06.2020 10:14 Released: 30.06.2020, 09:55 Prague – Certificates were handed out today by primary and secondary schools, which waited until the official end of the school year. Somewhere, thanks to the director’s leave, the pupils got it on Friday, for example, children from the Petr Strozzi Primary School in Prague came for him only […]

These are the changes of the new Executive Order

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced today issued the new Executive Order 2020-048 that establishes the following changes: Curfew from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am runs through July 22. Government career employees are due to begin phased work in their respective agencies on July 1. Agencies that offer services to citizens will be able to start receiving […]

«Lessons at 7 in the morning to decongest public transport»

Lessons in secondary schools of 2nd grade will be able to start from 7 to 8.30 to help reduce the load on public transport during peak times. This is the suggestion of the Scientific Technical Committee provided to the Ministry of Education for the reopening of schools from 14 September. “Among the system measures – […]

Questions remain in private schools on alternating – Education – Life

With the new directives of the Ministry of Education for the return to school, the sector of private schools, while noting that re-class will be essential in the coming months, says that doubts persist as to the way in which this process must be given. THE TIME spoke about it with Fernando Vita, coordinator of […]