NASA confirms the existence of a parallel universe next to ours

A group of scientists from the POT He claimed to have collected evidence to ensure that a parallel universe exists. They say that it is right next to ours and that, in it, all the laws of physics would be operating contrary to what we already know. In other words, a universe where time runs […]

Exercise microdose: four seconds is enough to start burning fat? | Good Life

Due to the coronavirus crisis, BuenaVida is not in kiosks. Download it free here Whether Izumi Tabata was in a hurry to get in shape, or did his work leave him with little free time, is a mystery. But something important would haunt his mind when he decided to study the exercise high intensity, and […]

Israeli scientist says spread drops to near zero after 70 days

A study by an Israeli military scientist postulates that the spread of the coronavirus drops to almost zero after 70 days. The study also suggests that the behavior of the virus is the same regardless of where it acts or the measures taken by governments to try to contain it. The work was prepared by […]

women in science whose visibility was taken away

Lorena Fernández Álvarez Updated:04/23/2020 10:15 a.m. save Since 2010, and as an initiative of the United Nations International Telecommunication Union, we have held the fourth Thursday of April International Day of Girls in ICT. If we continue to commemorate this anniversary, it is because the data of the female presence in this area are not […]

Science, the doubts of an amputated ministry | Science

Spanish science has been in a crisis for more than a decade that seems to have no end. The public research system has lost more than 20 billion euros since 2009. Although the economic recovery came years ago, the laboratories have hardly felt the improvements. Public investment in science is stagnant at levels similar to […]

Material Older Than Earth Found Inside Meteorite | Science

On September 28, 1969, a large fireball in the sky could be seen in Victoria, southeast Australia, which divided into three fragments before disappearing. Soon after, an impact was felt. It was the Murchison meteorite, from which up to 100 kilos of material were recovered. Since then, organic compounds and sugars have been found in […]

Photos: The best scientific images of the year | Science

7 photos The Higher Council for Scientific Research and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology have chosen seven photographs that reflect phenomena that surround us such as the anatomy of seahorses, the presence of plastics in the food chain or sustainable agricultural practices. This is the 17th edition of ‘Fotciencia’, a project that aims […]