What happened to Antonio Banderas? The former sex symbol cannot even be recognized

Antonio Banderass with his girlfriend and daughter in Malaga in March 2018 +15 See more Shortly before Easter, actor Antonio Banderas went to his hometown of Malaga, Spain, where he attended a religious ceremony and presented scholarships from his charity. For many years in a row, Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas has been celebrating Easter in […]

4finance offers credit holidays and restricts lending in times of crisis

Credit holiday opportunities for existing customers Those Vivus.lv, Ondo.lv and SMScredit.lv customers who, since the declaration of the state of emergency on March 12, no longer have the opportunity to meet their credit obligations, have the opportunity to postpone regular payments for a period of up to 60 days. Depending on the situation of a […]

Gala Gadota has been invited to lead Eurovision in Israel next year

Eurovision Song Contest final in Portugal +75 See more The offer was made to the actress by a public service broadcaster, but Gadota declined, stating that her work schedule did not allow it, a spokeswoman for the public service broadcaster said. It is not known whether Gala Gadota will agree, as she has a very […]

In Latvia, infection with Covid-19 was confirmed in 9 people last day

To date, 675 Covid-19 infections have been identified, and the total number of examinations has reached 31,302. There are currently 45 patients in hospital, including 42 with moderate disease and three with severe disease. So far, 57 patients have been discharged from the hospital. In the previous day, 1406 tests were performed on persons suspected […]

PHOTO: finely dressed people attend “Riga Ball”

This year, the patroness of the ball, Natalija Tumševica-Ērgle, and her creative team had significantly supplemented the program of celebrations. The geography of its participants is also wider – the ball was attended by guests from France, England, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and many other countries. Guests arrive at the “Riga Ball 2019” […]

Ūdrītis’ wife Ilona: “Love is not just pink balloons”

The full life of the twists and turns of Rolandas Udra and Ilona Balode +22 See more Magazine OK! The latest issue features a tear-jerking and very open-ended interview with Ilona, ​​in which she describes how physically and psychologically difficult life has changed in the last two years: “I once had a variegated life. Now […]

NBA veteran Ariza’s son refuses to compete in the final season

It has already been reported that David Wertards player of the NBA team “Washington” Wizards has decided not to go to the final phase of the season in Orlando, because after the end of this season he will become a free agent. The same decision was announced by Ariza on Monday, but in the case […]