PHOTO: the world’s leading alloy disc manufacturer SMW moves production to Latvia

There, the company plans to set up a specialized magnesium alloy casting plant as well as a research and development laboratory for innovative alloys and materials, investing more than € 500,000 and creating at least 15 new jobs. “Mežgarciems”, where production is moved by the prestigious car and motorcycle disc company SMW +3 See more […]

The Thai stock market opened this morning, immediately minus 15 points | Daily News

The Thai stock market opened in the morning of October 19, 2020, the index stood at 1,218.72 points, a decrease of 14.96 points, a trading value of 1,698.68 million baht. We have expected a new round of US economic stimulus to be released before the presidential election, however internal political concerns are still gathering like […]

The latest cases of “Covid-19” in Latvia are not only related to Italy

As reported, a total of 26 people infected with the virus have been registered in Latvia so far. Cases have been registered in all regions of Latvia, except Kurzeme and Vidzeme. The highest number of cases was registered in Riga and the capital region, but the lowest in Zemgale and Latgale regions. Residents who have […]

Check your horoscope for October 19, 2020 | Daily News

Solar time October 19, 2020 Moon On Monday, 3 lunar lunar months, 12 years, Chad Toke, commemorative Era 1382 Rising sun Time 06.10 a.m. True Time 12.03 p.m. Sunset Time 17.56 Monday fall Time 20.43 Today From 00.00-10.18 hours, Dao Moei Vesaka, the 16th constellation, consists of the executioner of the Auspicious Slaughterer, meaning that […]

Experts explain whether the coronavirus can be transmitted through mail

She pointed out that the virus usually dies within a few hours when it enters the external environment, including the consignment. The center does not yet have comprehensive information on the resistance of the virus to the external environment, but experts estimate that in the worst case, the coronavir could survive around the clock when […]