Index – Economy – There may be a serious shortage of goods in stores

By the beginning of the year, news of the viral situation had made trading companies wary, and none of the large customers were able to provide reliable information, as almost the entire global economy was on the ground. Large multinationals have forecast a 20-30 percent drop in demand due to the pandemic. The shipping industry […]

Index – Sports – The Blue Ribbon is over

Of the 556 boats entered for the race, 343 completed the 53rd Blue Ribbon Raiffeisen Grand Prix, which was won by the RSM led by Róbert Vándor on Thursday night, MTI reported. According to the information of the organizers on Saturday, 60 percent of the participants completed the distance of 155 kilometers as the crow […]

Leaks about “iPhone 13” .. a new suit for the charging methodطريقة

homeland: The leaks about the upcoming iPhone do not stop, although it is still several months away from the official launch date of the phone. The new leaks stated that the 2021 iPhone will be called “iPhone 13”, while the other versions will be called “iPhone Mini”, “iPhone Pro” and “iPhone Pro Max”. The leaks […]

Covid vaccine continues with only second dose – Capital

Those who took Coronavac until June 11 and Astrazeneca until April 28 can be vaccinated A man is vaccinated against covid in Campo Grande (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami/Arquivo) Vaccination against covid-19 will continue, this Monday (28), only with the application of the 2nd dose of immunizers to two groups – vaccinated with 1st dose of Coronavac […]

development of freight to America

Transatlantic freight traffic is making a comeback after twenty years of interruption thanks to Air Canada… and in part to the health crisis. EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse’s long-haul freight, hitherto oriented towards the Orient, is developing in the west: a transatlantic line has been set up since this quarter by Air Canada Cargo between the Franco-Swiss platform […]

Deutsche Post comments on Facebook> Send money by normal letter? Better not! Sending a little cash to friends and family in a letter is nothing unusual, is it? What seems to be taken for granted is a bit more delicate than expected. Because: Deutsche Post even forbids sending cash. What do you have to do now? Cash may only […]

AVISO media event: How do you practice evacuating cruise ships in the middle of Vienna?

The Johanniter invite media representatives to the first test as part of the research project PALAEMON, which is dedicated to the evacuation of cruise ships. Vienna (OTS) – How do you practice evacuating cruise ships? With the help of virtual reality, cruise ships can be recorded realistically, escape routes can be optimized and missing people […]

Money for cargo bike delivery service – POLITICS AND ECONOMY City logistics, shipping, handling and delivery | Professional article | TRANSPORT

With 128,000 euros, Hessen is helping to set up a cargo bike delivery service in Darmstadt. This was announced by Economics and Transport Minister Tarek Al-Wazir (Alliance 90 / The Greens). “Climate-friendly logistics is an important topic and needs forward-looking ideas,” said the minister. “So I’m all the more pleased when new concepts are developed […]