Government Will Provide Food Social Assistance Ahead of Ramadan and Idul Fitri

CNN Indonesia Monday, 06 Mar 2023 08:04 WIB The government will immediately provide social assistance (bansos) in the form of food commodities ahead of Ramadan and Idul Fitri this year. Illustration. (BETWEEN PHOTOS/SISWOWIDODO). Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — The government immediately provides social assistance (social assistance) in the form of food commodities ahead of […]

Just by cell phone, get BSU 2023 and pre-employment card at the same time, want to know how?

BANDAR LAMPUNG, RADARLAMPUNG.CO.ID – Changes to the wave 48 pre-employment card scheme make it possible for other recipients of social assistance from the government to get this assistance. This opportunity can be obtained by recipients of social assistance from institutional ministries such as the 2023 Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU), Assistance for Micro Business Actors (BPUM) […]

BPJS Health Card Owners Can Get IDR 2,400,000 from PKH, See How Here!

Reporter: Try Dina| Editor: Tom| Tuesday 10-01-2023, 13:26 WIB Illustration-BPJS Kesehatan- JAKARTA, PALPRES.COM – For those of you who are BPJS Health card holders, you have the opportunity to get IDR 2,400,000 in 2023. With a note, you need to have an online Population Registration Number, the equivalent at the local Dukcapil, […]

How to Apply to Become a BLT BBM Recipient of IDR 600,000

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The community can actually apply as recipients of social assistance (Bansos) direct cash assistance for fuel oil (BBM). For those who are interested, you can register through the Proposed Rejection program. This program is a feature in the Check Bansos application which is intended if there are people who are entitled […]