World Thyroid Cancer Day: How to prevent it and why does it occur? – Health

September 24 marks Thyroid Cancer Day, a disease that claims the lives of hundreds of people around the world every year. Although science currently has multiple advances to be able to carry out treatments that help improve this disease when diagnosed in time, this does not seem to be enough due to the misinformation that […]

Horror in Buenos Aires: they killed a man with 8 shots in front of his son

The Constitución neighborhood, in Buenos Aires, was the scene of a homicide in the early hours of Thursday, September 21. A man was shot to death in front of his 9-year-old son, who was also wounded. According to the newspaper Clarín, the attackers were following the victim in a car and waited for them to […]

Togo: When the police take themselves to be the father, the son and the Holy Spirit

The director of the Togolese National Police, Colonel Yaovi Okpaoul | Photo: DR Slowly but surely, citizens are getting into the habit of wearing helmets. Some are not yet completely resolved, but the majority no longer go out without headphones. And if you don’t have one yourself, you adopt the driver’s one for the duration […]

The frontman was fined, and his son was given 30 days

Member of the Azerbaijan People’s Front Party (APFP). Fazail Aliyev He says that he was fined 200 manats. According to F. Aliyev, on September 17, he received a call from the police department of Gazakh district, where he lives, and he was called to the department: “They said that the deputy chief wanted to see […]

Son of infamous drug lord ‘El Chapo’ extradited to the US

“Today, as a result of a partnership between U.S. and Mexican law enforcement, Ovidio Guzmán Lopez, a leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, has been extradited to the United States,” Garland said. The US had already requested his extradition earlier this year, but a judge did not agree. Guzmán was arrested in January after intense gun […]

Title: Celebrities Who Won’t Leave Their Fortune to Their Children

Over time, the term “Nepo Baby” has become popular, a concept that refers to children of entertainment celebrities who have benefited from their fame or wealth and who, therefore, lead a privileged life from the cradle. . People born into wealthy families generally already have a large presence in show business and their lives are […]

With boxers at Legia’s gate. “We’re taking your son to Łódź”

I passed my high school final exams and faced a dilemma: either study at the Academy of Physical Education or football. No longer as a passion, but also as a source of income. I had to make a reliable choice, without thinking in the clouds – says Krzysztof Kamiński and explains why it was very […]

Robert Karaś with his son. Little Milan stole the show

In 2021, Robert Karaś and his partner Agnieszka Włodarczyk became parents. Their son was born. The boy was named Milan. Both the actress and the triathlete show photos and videos with their son on social media from time to time. Continuation of the material under the video This time, Robert Karaś published a recording on […]