Offenbach package against energy crisis

Offenbach wants to support sports and other clubs, trade, culture and gastronomy with an aid package. A million are available. O⋅ Offenbach wants to help sports and migrant clubs, local trade, culture and gastronomy with an economic stimulus package worth one million euros to cope with the consequences of inflation, especially the explosion in energy […]

Corona virus in Germany: incidence rises to 515.7

BHealth Minister Karl Lauterbach warns of a high number of deaths and massive restrictions on hospital treatment in the current corona wave with the highly contagious omicron variant. “We are threatened with very difficult weeks in Germany,” said the SPD politician to “Bild am Sonntag”. “In view of the currently declining number of hospitals, especially […]

After Scholz’s appearance: SPD strengthens leadership around Stoch – Baden-Württemberg

Friedrichshafen (dpa / lsw) – The Baden-Württemberg SPD has strengthened its leadership despite weak approval ratings in the country. After a combative appearance by Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the party conference in Friedrichshafen, SPD state leader Andreas Stoch was confirmed in office for another two years on Saturday. He was the only candidate and received […]

With a clear majority: Greens nominated Rottmann as mayor candidate | Regional

With a clear majority | Greens nominated Rottmann as mayor candidate Frankfurt – Now it’s official: The Greens are sending Bundestag deputy Manuela Rottmann (50) into the race as a candidate for Frankfurt’s mayor, Peter Feldmann, who was voted out. On Saturday afternoon, the general meeting of the Greens followed the proposal of the selection […]

Chaos capital: new elections in all of Berlin! | politics

Now it’s official: The Berlin elections of September 26th were complete rubbish! Judgment of the State Constitutional Court on Wednesday: The elections for the House of Representatives (SPD just ahead of the Greens) and districts must be carried out completely again (among other things, missing/wrong ballot papers, polling stations closed). Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (56, FDP) […]

Today, November 15, 2022, these are his guests and topics

Markus Lanz invites you to a talk three times a week. The moderator welcomes these guests today, on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Markus Lanz talks to guests from different areas about different topics every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday late in the evening. It can be about political news or socially relevant. Here you get an […]

RKI registers over 64,000 new corona infections

BHealth Minister Karl Lauterbach reiterated his call for further contact restrictions before new federal and state consultations on the corona pandemic. He thinks this is necessary in view of the Omicron wave, said the SPD politician on Wednesday evening in the ZDF “heute journal”. Admittedly, one must proceed with caution. But Lauterbach also emphasized: “We […]

Mike Josef becomes mayor candidate of the SPD

After Peter Feldmann was voted out, the SPD board voted for the 39-year-old. He is to be officially nominated at a party conference on December 3rd. Frankfurt’s head of planning, Mike Josef, is running for the SPD to succeed Peter Feldmann, who was voted out of office. “I found happiness in Frankfurt and I want […]

Gas crisis in Baden-Württemberg: Closing the winter gap

Dhe green-black state government in Baden-Württemberg, after a long hesitation, is now launching a state aid program for companies affected by the gas crisis. The program is primarily intended to help close the “winter gap” after the December discount for gas and heating costs. Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) said his government is acting according […]