Meuse and Cavusoglu: Germany is now using the longer lever

JNow that President Erdogan is so dependent on foreign money, Germany has a longer lever. The worse Turkey’s economy looks, the better for German interests in the country. Without the billions from tourism and economic investment, the Turkish government and Erdogan personally will face even more difficulties than they already do – and will thus […]

Bundestag punishes “upskirting” and accident photos

The Bundestag has approved a law aimed at strengthening personal protection: anyone who photographs women under their skirts or spreads pictures of dead victims of accidents will face punishments in the future. The secret photography under the skirt or in the neckline will be a crime in the future. The same applies when photographing or […]

Corona outbreak in Gütersloh: the Clemens Tönnies system

SA video with Clemens Tönnies has been circulating for a few days, which explains him quite well. The entrepreneur, who made a fortune by slaughtering pigs and built up a company empire, is the focus of a celebration and sings Udo Lindenberg’s classic “My Thing”: “I do my thing, no matter what the others talk […]

10,000 € only “a lot of money for normal people”

Sigmar Gabriel’s advisory work for the meat giant Tönnies is causing outrage. The former SPD leader himself cannot find anything offensive. Payment is also customary in the industry. Former Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) worked as a consultant for the meat company Tönnies. “There was a three-month consultation with Tönnies,” said Gabriel on […]

Bundestag decides travel vouchers

DAid is decided and all but the donor are dissatisfied is rare. But when the Bundestag decided on Thursday to create a regulation for vouchers instead of reimbursements for trips canceled in the Corona crisis, there was criticism not only from the opposition, but also from the travel industry. Too late and not enough for […]

Gabriel’s job at Tönnies: the art of cannibalizing

WIf you want to get everything out of a slaughtered pig, there is also talk of the “fifth quarter” in the meat industry. The art of cannibalizing is not only getting rid of the fine pieces, but also supposedly inferior parts. Clemens Tönnies has achieved a special championship in the discipline. The Westphalian also became […]

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After long back and forth in the grand coalition, the Bundestag decided on the basic pension. But what does it mean for pensioners? The most important points of the law at a glance. The Bundestag has decided on the basic pension. It is intended to “strengthen trust in the basic promise of the welfare state […]

Comment: The basic pension is disruptive

MThe basic coalition affords the grand coalition another prank of particular relevance to pension policy. In order to gauge the scale of the reform that raises more than a million small pensions above social assistance, today’s estimated costs are not a good guide. Compared to the double-digit billions of euros spent on increasing pensions for […]

Corona crisis: Turkey criticizes German travel warning as “political decision”

Germany Corona-Krise Turkey criticizes German travel warning as “political decision” Status: 1:17 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Meuse and Cavusoglu on Turkey travel restrictions Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas welcomes his Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Cavusoglu to talks about restricting travel to Turkey. Follow the press conference here after the meeting. Tourism in Turkey is […]

German Bundestag agrees to basic pension for the poor elderly

The Bundestag, the German parliament, on Thursday approved the introduction of a basic pension for the elderly. The votes of coalition parties CDU / CSU and SPD, who devised the surcharge and later argued with each other about it, were sufficient to get the proposal through. 1.3 million Germans will qualify for the so-called Basic […]