Krefeld: Unknown people saw off 30 trees on the new bike path

Krefeld. Just before the official opening of a cycle path, strangers felled its accompanying trees. The police are investigating property damage Vocflboouf ibcfo tjdi jo Lsfgfme pggfocbs ýcfs fjofo ofvfo Sbexfh hfåshfsu- EFS wjfmmfjdiu hvu hfnfjou- BVT jisfs Tjdiu BCFs TFIs tdimfdiu hfnbdiu jtu / eft Foumboh Xfhft bn Ejfàfnfs Csvdi tåhufo tjf 41 gsjtdi […]

Windows 10 allow to use the computer as a Bluetooth speaker

Microsofthas introduced a new feature in the next update ofWindows 10May thanks to whichit will be possible to use the computer as a Bluetooth speakerto reproduce the sound of a mobile device. The 2004 version of Windows 10, which is expected to be released in late May, will introduce Bluetooth A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) […]

Operstab reported new COVID-19 infections in St. Petersburg :: St. Petersburg :: RBC

Photo: Svetlana Kholyavchuk / Interpress In St. Petersburg over the past day, 453 new cases of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) were detected, the operational headquarters for combating the disease reports. In total, on May 19, 11,340 cases of infection were officially confirmed. The number of victims of infection increased to 95 people, five patients died over […]

Czech Republic became the first country to open borders in the EU :: Society :: RBC

Starting April 14, Czech Republic is allowed to travel abroad on urgent matters, for example, for treatment or visiting relatives. After each trip, citizens had to undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine. Czech President proposed not to open country borders for a year In addition, foreigners were partially allowed into the Czech Republic. According to information […]

iPhone 12 will probably get a new, angular design

The financial service Bloomberg wants to know that Apple has given its iPhone a new design with flat edges, similar to the iPad Pro, this year. The size should also change. Apple apparently wants to change the design of its flagship smartphone significantly. The mostly well-informed financial service provider Bloomberg reports, citing anonymous sources. Accordingly, […]

This is the best way to hide speakers

LSpeakers are an annoying topic between men and women. For many years. Among many couples. The attempt not to clichédly reduce the problem to the difference between the sexes has long failed. The fact remains that men would like to place the largest and most expensive loudspeakers in the middle of the living room and […]