Münster: Criminal proceedings against police special units

Jul 15, 2022 @ 11:36am crime : Several procedures against police special units from Münster Proceedings are being initiated against police officers from Münster. Photo: dpa/Arne Dedert Update Düsseldorf Police officers from Münster are being investigated for right-wing extremism. The chief of police has announced that the case will be fully investigated. Eight police officers […]

Kopassus Anniversary Celebration, Prabowo and Hendropriyono Sit at the Table

loading… Prabowo Subianto, Agm Gumelar, AM Hendropriyono, Dudung Abdurachman, and Iwan Setiawan sit at a table during the Kopassus anniversary celebration at the Makopassus Command Hall Building in Cijantung, East Jakarta, Saturday (16/4/2022). Photo/ist JAKARTA – High-ranking and former officers of the Special Forces Command ( Special Forces ) attended the 70th anniversary celebration of […]

Kopassus and the Legend of the “White Ghost” Troops in the Congo All

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The Army Special Forces Command Corps (Kopassus) turns 70 today, Saturday (16 April 2022). As a special force, Kopassus is required to have soldiers with high qualifications. They are given the task of carrying out special operations, forest warfare, unconventional warfare, counter intelligence, reconnaissance, direct attacks, psychological warfare, to counter terrorism. Kopassus […]

Palestinian Jenin Raid, Israel Deploys Elite Shayetet 13

loading… The elite unit Shayetet 13 of the Israeli Navy. These special forces were deployed by Israel when they invaded Jenin, Palestine, to hunt down suspected terrorists. Photo/IDF JENIN – Defense Forces Israel (IDF) deployed the elite Shayetet 13 unit from the Navy in a raid in Jenin, West Bank, Palestine, on Sunday morning. The […]

The most spectacular SEK missions in retrospect

February 28, 2022 at 5:10 am Review in Mönchengladbach : Those were the most spectacular SEK missions In 2013, on Carl-Schurz-Strasse, a man who owned a samurai sword threatened to throw himself off the roof after an argument with his girlfriend. Photo: Theo Titz / Titz, Theo (titz) Mönchengladbach Organized crime, hostage-taking, death threats. In […]

Fibobrov, from Israeli Special Forces to Ukrainian Soldier to Fight Russia

loading… Gregory Fibobrov, from the Israeli special forces is now a Ukrainian soldier ready to fight Russia. Photo/Gregory Fibobrov via Ynet KIEV – A former Israeli special forces personnel joined the military Ukraine to deal with possible aggression Russia . The former Zionist force was named Gregory Fibobrov. Western countries fear that Moscow will invade […]

Army personnel collaborate in blood donation campaign

The Land Force develops land military power, preparing, training and equipping military personnel, improving their operational capacity permanently and throughout the national territory, to achieve the objectives derived from military strategic planning, in order to jointly contribute to the defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity, contribute to the management of the State in the internal […]