Netflix is ​​about to remove 3 popular dramas in June!Netizens wailed “I haven’t waited for the sequel yet”, and watched the complete list of up and down shelves at once-Feng Media

Netflix has recently announced the latest release and release list of movies and series in June. Among the list of films on the shelves, there are many fans looking forward to the sixth season of “Black Mirror”, “A Man Made 2”, and the third season of “The Witcher” , “One Piece”, the third season of […]

“I was expecting harmony…” May 18 event with special forces that raised conflict

◀ Anchor ▶ Today in Gwangju, some organizations of the 5.18 Movement held a reconciliation event with the Special Forces Association, and civil society in Gwangju strongly protested and even fought. Amid protests from civic groups, who argued that forgiveness and reconciliation must precede true apology and reflection, the Special Forces Corps made a surprise […]

Lukashenka fears for his life. He made a radical decision

Rewrite this content Alexander Lukashenko makes Belarus dependent on its policy Russiaand at the same time creates the impression of apparent independence from the Kremlin. Though Minsk did not join war in Ukraineit was instrumental in Russia’s attack (by making its territory available to it, from which the attack on Kyiv was launched in February […]

Münster: Criminal proceedings against police special units

Jul 15, 2022 @ 11:36am crime : Several procedures against police special units from Münster Proceedings are being initiated against police officers from Münster. Photo: dpa/Arne Dedert Update Düsseldorf Police officers from Münster are being investigated for right-wing extremism. The chief of police has announced that the case will be fully investigated. Eight police officers […]