After a cyber attack: passport data from 12,000 Germans online

Hackers have posted passport data of hundreds of thousands of people online. Among them are 12,000 Germans. The data comes from the immigration authorities of Argentina. Identity theft threatens. Von Maximilian Zierer and Ivo Marusczyk, BR The attack occurred on August 27, 2020: around 7 a.m., numerous border guards reported to the IT support of […]

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Marietta and Chris are the winners of the first edition of “Hotel Paradise”. After the program, their paths parted quickly. Now Chris has a new partner. What does Marietta say? Marietta and Chris were a couple that viewers believed in very much. When they won the show, fans felt confident that this relationship would stand […]

Covid-19 vaccine: who could receive it, how much will it cost ‘

XALIMANEWS- If scientists can make a vaccine for coronavirus, when will we get it, how much will it cost and who will get it first? When scientists manage to make a vaccine against the coronavirus, there will not be enough for everyone, experts lament. Research labs and pharmaceutical companies are rewriting the rules for the […]

Such a bright sun: a new love for Antonin … What awaits you this week

Shaken after being questioned at length by the police on the network to which she is supposed to belong, Anissa comes out with a reminder of the law. His friends want to help him, but their initiative is badly lived by Anissa. Fortunately, she finds comfort with Antoninus who, released after a frank discussion with […]