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Mavericks win at Madison Square Garden The Dallas Mavericks (Wikipedia) have won their eleventh win of the season in the North American basketball professional league NBA and are thus again balanced. At the New York Knicks, the Texans won 121-100 on Saturday, top scorer in Madison Square Garden was Mavericks star player Luka Doncic (Wikipedia). […]

Good YouTube channels for life? (health and medicine, health, money)

Sport, art, music and religion. I don’t understand why people teach this in school? (Especially art and music) Why do I have to memorize pieces on the xylophone at school, draw little pictures, do gymnastics on machines or learn something about religions, which is then also graded? There are also elective subjects such as sewing. […]

Jungfrau Zeitung – No layoffs due to high ancillary costs

energy crisis | December 3, 2022 Sharply rising ancillary costs are likely to pose financial problems for quite a few tenants. Several industry associations and organizations are appealing to landlords to refrain from threatening to evict their tenants if they cannot pay on time. Swiss franc. It could become scarce for some Swiss in the […]

Gifhorn’s oldest kindergarten, Bleiche, is looking for a new home

Previous rooms locked Gifhorn’s oldest kindergarten, Bleiche, is looking for a new home Updated: 2022-12-03 13:57 | Reading time: 2 minutes The Bleiche kindergarten has temporarily found shelter at the Evangelical Community in Gifhorn on Calberlaher Damm – albeit in the basement. Photo: Private Gifhorn. Until […]

Candle Lights from Geneva to Belgium and across the country

Nishal Joyram’s action has become a national cause. Mauritians but also the diaspora have shown their support by offering candle light ceremonies all over the island and abroad. Recall that Nishal Joyram begins his 20th day of strike tonight. He calls for lower fuel prices. According to Dr. Vasant Gujadhur, member of the support committee, […]

THE BALL – Roger Schmidt is already preparing a new pre-season (Benfica)

Roger Schmidt has given the players a vacation until the next seven days, but he is in Portugal and has started fine-tuning details to attack the second half of the season. The technical team’s intention is to carry out a kind of new pre-season, seeking to physically reactivate the squad and recover competitive indices, counting […]

Jungfrau Zeitung – Swiss companies are calling off IPOs

Stock markets on the decline | December 3, 2022 The nasty situation on the stock markets has thwarted the stock market plans of some Swiss companies this year. But postponed is not lifted: 2023 could be a better year for so-called initial public offerings (IPO) on the Swiss stock exchange SIX. Swiss companies were not […]

Cheerleaders prepare to participate in regional postseason | Forward Valley

On Saturday, December 3rd, teams from Central, Imperial, Brawley and Calexico will compete in the 2022 CIF San Diego Section Competitive Traditional Cheerleading Championships. The Wildcats, led by head coach Meg Mortimer, will compete in the Advanced section of the Division I Cheerleading Championship, which the team won in 2018. If history repeats itself and […]

Grégory Doucet admits that he does not yet have “satisfactory” solutions

The young boy educated at the Frédéric-Mistral school in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon had been excluded from the canteen after a crisis on Tuesday. Since then, his mother has had to leave work every day to spend the lunch break outside with him. Grégory Doucet reacted this Friday to this episode on which he […]