How to get the free three-month subscription to Spotify Premium

Spotify has a goal set for the end of this year which is to reach 200 million paying subscribers from service. Last month, the company noted that growth in the third quarter of 2022 had been seven million new paying users, which placed the overall figure at 195. 42% of the total number of users […]

Camilo’s 10 most popular songs on Spotify

After winning the X Factor in 2007, Camilo Echeverry’s career began on the rise. During the last two years, Camilo has become one of the most listened to artists on different music platforms, as well as one of the most acclaimed singers worldwide by millions of fans. (You may be interested: Camilo and Evaluna are […]

Youtube and Amazon attack Spotify and Apple

Welcome to the November 15th t3n Daily. Today is about the battle of the giants in the music streaming market. Also: Sparkasse NFT, World Cup, Pixel Fold, Amazon layoffs. We hope you had a good day and now we want to give you some exciting information to take with you into the evening. t3n Daily […]

Spotify for journalism – News app Informed is launched

Bye-bye, paywalls – the news app Informed is launched today. The promise of the three Berlin founders: curated quality journalism for 7.99 euros a month. What is important and right? What mere clickbaiting or even misinformation? In view of the digital flood of information, it takes a certain amount of media competence and time to […]

Archetypes, Meghan Markle’s podcast, nominated for a People’s Choice Award

It was during the month of August that Meghan Markle premiered her podcast called “Archetypes”, which has just received a nomination for “Best Pop Podcast” at the People’s Choice Award that will take place on December 6 in Santa Monica, California. In “Archetypes”, the 41-year-old former actress has found the opportunity to talk about “the […]

Spotify opposes Apple again

For Spotify customers, this compliance is an obstacle course. 291544585/rcfotostock – The Swedish giant’s audiobook sales system has been blocked three times by the Cupertino company. Spotify has just opened a new front in the war between it and Apple. And this time, the bone of contention is the audiobook. Last September, the world […]

Spotify: Despite crisis in streaming services, adds 456 million monthly users

The creation of new streaming service platforms in entertainment and the struggle to attract the public through attractive content have forced the platforms to modify their subscription models and benefits for their subscribers, and although the audiovisual platforms are the ones that have reported losses in their users and are far from exceeding their goals […]

Spotify alleges against Apple for hindering the sale of audiobooks

Spotify says that Apple’s rules make the process of buying an audiobook on Spotify “too complicated and confusing,” adding that Apple changes its “rules arbitrarily, making them impossible to interpret.” In addition, Apple charges a commission of up to 30 percent on purchases made in apps listed on the App Store and prohibits certain developers […]