Neil Young will leave Spotify if they don’t remove an anti-vaccine podcast

Neil Young has announced that he will withdraw from Spotify if they continue to broadcast the most popular podcast in the United States, The Joe Rogan Experience, from which this comedian and presenter spreads conspiracy theories about covid and recommends children and young people not to get vaccinated. “I want you to let Spotify know […]

What are the saddest songs according to Spotify for this Blue Monday?

Every third Monday of January around the world we commemorate the “Blue Monday“, an infamous date known for being the most sad of the year, according to various variables considered by psychological studies. That is why, on the occasion of this anti-festival, Spotify I create the perfect playlist to accompany us. Although in reality theBlue […]

Spotify added the option to block other users: this is how the new button works

Before the year is out, the developers of the popular music platform Spotify could surprise users with the launch of some tools and news that some had been waiting for a long time. Apparently, Spotify is already rolling out a new feature that will help users block others so that they cannot see your activities […]

Using Spotify on the HomePod: Here’s how it works

Would you like to use Spotify on your Apple HomePod? Unfortunately, this is currently only possible in a roundabout way. We explain how it works. Why is there no Spotify on the Apple HomePod? After only the in-house music streaming service Apple Music was natively supported on Apple’s HomePod for a long time, the iPhone […]

Spotify Wrapped 2021: what is it and when is it published

Surely, and more so now in times of pandemic, one of the internet platforms most used by millions of people around the world is Spotify, a digital music, podcast and video service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from creators around the world. Like many other applications, there are 2 […]

Here’s how to see your Spotify stats

Review your year with Spotify Wrapped up Was es zu wissen gibt Öffne sie Parameter durch Drücken des Zahnradsymbols (auf dem Handy) oder auf Ihrem Benutzerprofil (auf PC und Mac). Drücken Sie auf Profil anzeigen (auf dem Handy) oder auf Profil (auf PC und Mac). Eine Liste mit Künstlern und Liedern wird angezeigt. Weitere Informationen […]

Apple Music competes with Spotify in the PlayStation 5

2 – November – 2021 Apple Music Sony and Apple have announced that the Apple Music app is now available on the popular PlayStation 5 video game console. To join the music playing application “Spotify”, which was the only feature of listening to music while using PlayStation devices in the past. Apple Music is fully […]