Getting ready! Digital Taxes Start to be Charged

KOMPAS.TV – Tax observers warn that if everything is going to work effectively, digital product tax collection must be in line with simple rules. Overseas digital companies such as Netflix, Zoom, to Spotify are getting taxed if they want to continue selling services in Indonesia. The reason, the Directorate General of Taxes will begin to […]

Spotify presents Premium Duo, the music subscription for couples – Notebookcheck

Spotify presents Premium Duo, the music subscription for couples Notebookcheck Spotify Duo Premium: Spotify subscription for two people starts for 13 euros – Spotify Premium Duo: New subscription for 2 people between Premium and Family ComputerBase One subscription for two: Spotify Duo Premium starts in Germany t3n magazine Spotify Premium Duo offers a […]

Required to Pay Tax, This Said Netflix – The Directorate General of Tax (DGT) will begin to collect Value Added Tax (VAT) to trading companies through electronic systems (PPSME), such as Netflix, Spotify, and other foreign digital companies. Tax withdrawal is regulated in Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) Number 48 / PMK.03 / 2020, derived from Article 6 paragraph 13a of […]

Karaoke at home? Spotify adds the function “lyrics” to its platform from today

Bored of the running of the bulls? If you like to sing, maybe this is good news for you. Starting today, Spotify added the “Lyrics” function. The new function adds the letter in the original language that they were written. The function is already effective from today on Spotify, and the lyrics will be incorporated […]

8 Easy Tips to Stream Music with Spotify Web

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Streaming services have long taken over the music industry, Spotify become one of the markers of service dominance streaming music. Spotify is also equipped with a machine learning system that is able to read user behavior patterns. If users often hear Pop genre songs, Spotify will recommend users to listen to […]