EU proceedings against Apple: Extended complaint expected from the Commission

According to a report, the EU Commission wants to raise further allegations against Apple in the antitrust proceedings against the App Store rules. Over the coming weeks, the Commission will submit additional complaints to Apple about distortion of competition in music streaming, the news agency reports Reuters on Monday, citing an informed person. Unfair competition […]

Why are artists and labels protesting against Spotify? – The Sun of Toluca

The problems between writers and record companies with the streaming music platform Spotify are not new, despite the fact that it has reached important agreements in order to avoid copyright responsibilities, other inconveniences have arisen, especially economic ones, even due to misinformation from the vaccines. In 2018 Wixen Music Publishing, an American firm that specializes […]

“We are not thinking about Messi’s return” –

Club president Joan Laporta has spoken on the Catalan RAC1 show Tu Diràs in recent days, talking about when renovations to the Camp Nou are expected to begin and roughly over when everything goes as expected, but Messi’s possible return has been discussed, about which he said they don’t think about it at the moment […]

Upload music to Spotify – commercial register? (law, taxes, law)

Hello, in my “free time”, i.e. in addition to my actual job, I run a recording or recording studio (for radio play, music and short film productions), with which I offer my own productions free of charge on the Internet (for download or as a video on Youtube) . In the long term, it is […]

Spotify: How to upload music that is not on the platform

Spotify is one of the apps most frequented in recent times when it comes to listen to music online as well as of download of this. With more than 70 million songs, Spotify is at the top of music players, and its lists not only include songs, but also podcasts, programs, remixes, live performances and […]

Meghan Markle is preparing a new podcast, will she fight fake news?

Written in CELEBRITIES the 19/3/2022 · 11:19 hs At the end of 2020 it was revealed that, after his departure from royalty, Meghan Markle y the prince harry signed a millionaire contract with Spotity to record a podcast that will finally premiere this summer. Here we tell you everything that is known about what comes […]