In the flow? Stress stunts creativity

Hamburg (dpa/tmn) – With tunnel vision through the working day: Anyone who is completely stressed out at work prevents themselves from getting into a creative flow. Instead, creativity needs a broad and open view, says business psychologist and coach Tanja Queckenstedt in an interview with the magazine “Emotion” (issue 08/09 2022). The author only succeeds […]

The ECB pardons banks after climate stress tests but imposes duties

entities they breathe easy despite the weak results of climatic stress tests because the European Central Bank (ECB) it will not impose punishments on capital for now. However, although there are no quantitative requirements, there areDuties have been imposed and internal models have been urged to review urgently. In any case, the monetary authority shows […]

Extremophile plants, a model for understanding adaptation to environmental stresses

Some plants, which we call “extremophiles”, tolerate or even appreciate very salty, very dry or very cold environments, where most plant species would not survive. For a long time, response mechanisms to environmental stresses have been studied using the common plant Arabidopsis thaliana (ladies’ cress), which belongs to the family of mustard, rapeseed or even […]

Fear and stress make the immune system vulnerable Company | DW

That stress is harmful to health should not surprise anyone. It is well known that psychological stress and anxiety can have a direct impact on the human immune system, making us more prone to disease. It has been less clear so far how this system works. Wolfram Poller, a cardiologist and researcher at the Charité […]

Running and training every day: right or wrong?

Running and feeling good, seeing improvements day after day and chasing ever more ambitious goals can lead to the desire to test yourself and try to train always, every day of the week. A bit like elite athletes do. It’s easy to think that running every day, even if only for a few kilometers, makes […]

Stress can age the immune system, new study finds

Today, most people know that stress can do serious damage to mental and physical health. And when that stress is prolonged, studies suggest, it can increase the risk of certain health conditions, such as asthma, ulcers, stroke and heart attack. Now, new research suggests that certain types of stress can even age your immune system. […]

Bathing While Singing Makes Your Body Healthy, Here Are 5 Benefits

Jakarta – Bathing is an activity to clean the body carried out by a person when going to or after doing an activity. Some people take a bath while doing other activities that make the bath not boring, one of which is singing. Quoted from Life Hack, there are several benefits that a person gets […]

Shock questionnaire on the disabled, Nettuno stops distribution – Chronicle

“From zero to four how ashamed are you of your family member? How resentful do you feel towards him? How uncomfortable are you when you have friends in the house?”. These are the questions contained in a questionnaire that the municipality of Nettuno submits to families who have dependent people with disabilities. This was revealed […]