Renault. The Foundries of Poitou on strike

The some 600 employees of Liberty Alu Poitou and Liberty Fonderie Poitou, two equipment manufacturers in Vienna in great difficulty with Renault as their sole customer, started a strike on Thursday to protest against the lack of financial commitment from the authorities and their British shareholder. This movement made after the holding the day before […]

Strike at STCP on holidays and weekends

Adriana Castro and Ana Trocado Marques Today at 12:10 Shutdown called indefinitely. Tender for the concession of transport in Greater Porto again suspended. Difficult days are expected in the transport of Greater Porto. The unions presented strike notice for weekends and holidays (all day) and for working days (for the last two hours of service). […]

“We do everything that we can, and then, Renault wants to let go of us ? “

In France, the mobilisation is organised among the workers of Renault to Maubeugein the north of the country. This Friday, they learned with dismay that the group plans to close their factory. This Saturday, they organized a march to demand the maintenance of the site. At the head of the procession, side by side with […]

Les Midinettes, from the march of 1903 to the demonstrations of 1917

Every week with RetroNews, the BNF’s press site, we take a look at a sports story as told by the press at the time. This Saturday: the Midinettes race, in 1903. Before designating a young ingenuous woman with an artichoke heart, so naive as to be touching, the term “midinette” almost evoked a social class. […]

Because of strike: Germanwings cancels flights from Leipzig / Halle and Dresden

The airline is likely to cancel more than 170 takeoffs at German airports on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday due to a strike by flight attendants. This can be seen from an overview on the Eurowings website, which the company updated until Sunday. In Dresden and Leipzig / Halle, Germanwings flies on behalf of Eurowings on […]

I have rabies – Release

Grandstand. I’m angry and angry when they scroll through the media, show their discontent on television, make their voices heard perfectly on the radio, deliver their speech in the newspapers. Always to tell us about a situation of which they are an aggravating factor, always to perish on citizenship, on the risk of recession, on […]

“Workers’ Time”, strike factory – Culture / Next

“L’history changed them and they changed history, transformed the way we think and live together. Without them, neither space travel nor universal suffrage. ” In the time of the workers, four-part documentary series broadcast from April 28 on Arte, the first episode of which can be seen exclusively on, Stan Neumann (1) weaves the […]

Corona crisis: suspended and postponed (

There are rather no rallies and warning strikes like 2018. Photo: dpa / Lino Mirgeler It went so well: For the first time since the turn, employees in the Saxon food industry went on a warning strike. They organized themselves at Frosta, Bautzner Mustard and Cargill. It is about equalizing wages at western level, specifically […]

Strike in Arcelor: ArcelorMittal committees announce stoppages starting on the 20th if the company does not resign from ERTE due to force majeure

Unions and committees of the ArcelorMittal steel company in AsturiasThey will promote mobilizations with activity stoppages from the day if the multinational does not renounce the temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) by force majeure, which will involvea 30% pay cut for affected workers and more than 20% compared to the negotiated ERTE that the company […]