Ataman of the Cossack troops was killed by a checker during training in the suburbs

Ataman of the “Great Brotherhood of the Cossack Troops of Russia and Abroad”, 57-year-old Sergey Kapitonov, and the head of the labor protection department, 64-year-old Alexei Petukhov, arranged a Cossack cabin training near the sports ground in the yard near Istra. Mr. Petukhov accidentally hit the chieftain with a saber in the chest. He died […]

subway and bus at risk. Timetables and information

It will be a complicated Friday that awaits the Romans who use public transport. In fact, a transport strike involving the metro and vehicles managed by Atac is scheduled for today, Friday 17 June. At risk buses, trolley buses, trams, subways and railways Rome-Lido, Termini-Centocelle and Rome-North. The times of the strike on Friday 17 […]

timetables. Metro and bus at risk

It will be a black Friday what awaits those who use public transport in Rome. In fact, a four-hour strike called by workers adhering to the Usb and Orsa Tpl mayors is scheduled. Atac vehicles, metro, buses and trams, will be at risk from 8.30 to 12.30. On the other hand, the Roma Tpl buses […]

strikes on kyiv, street fighting in Severodonetsk, NATO maneuvers

► Strikes on kyiv Explosions shook kyiv early Sunday, June 5, and air raid warnings sounded in several other localities in Ukraine. The mayor of the capital Vitali Klitschko reported in the morning of several explosions, in the districts of Darnytsky and Dnipropetrovsky, injuring one. “The aggressor continues to launch missiles and conduct airstrikes on […]

Strike in Milan, metro, bus and train: timetable Friday 20 May

For Friday 20 May 2022, the Cub and Sgb trade unions have proclaimed a national general strike of all public and private sectors, to which the Cub Trasporti union has joined. Atm lines timetables The subways are guaranteed for the whole day. There may be consequences on the service after 6pm. Buses, trams and trolley […]

Tuscan bus lines, bus strike on 20 May

On Friday 20 May the Autolinee Toscane buses could suffer delays or cancellations due to the general strike of 24 hours, of all the Public and Private sectors, to which CUB Trasporti and Cobas Lavoro Privato have joined. This was announced by the AT company itself through a press release. During the strike there are […]

Milan train strike confirmed: timetables

The train strike scheduled for Friday 22 April has been confirmed. This is a national event which will also involve Trenitalia and Trenord companies. “Salvo”, on the other hand, is local public transport (therefore ATM vehicles in Milan, which could instead stop on Thursday 28 April). Trenord train timetables for the strike of 22 April […]

comes the blockade of trucks against expensive gasoline

Expensive fuels worries citizens and not a little but one of the most affected categories, with dramatic chain consequences on the rest of the activities, is that of road hauliers. The threat of a truck blockade to protest against expensive gasoline becomes concrete and after the spontaneous protests that took place in recent days, the […]

Pro-Russian threatens Ukrainian Mariupol “attack if not surrender” | Reuters

Commander Eduardo Basulin, a pro-Russian armed group that effectively controls Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, warned Mariupol, a port city in the southeast, that it would attack the city’s Ukrainian government forces if they did not surrender. Photo taken in Mariupol on February 26 (2022 Reuters / Nikolay Ryabchenko) [Moscow 3rd Reuters]— Commander Eduardo Basulin, a […]

Strike in Rome 8 March 2022 for Women’s Day

Rome stops for the general strike on Tuesday 8 March. This was proclaimed by the trade unions Cub, Cobas, Si Cobas, Slai Cobas, Sgb, Usb and Us who responded to the appeal launched by Non una di less, the path born in Rome from the confrontation between different female and feminist realities on legislation, anti-violence […]