The singer The Doug deserved a zenith

09:53 – March 24, 2023 – by The Doug will be giving a free concert at the roadhouse in Saint-Jean-d’Heurs near Thiers on April 1st. Before playing at La Maroquinerie in Paris or at La Coopé, the Clermontois The Doug, a rising figure in French rap and song, begins a tour of the Zéniths like […]

An earthquake was felt near Radnevo

An earthquake with a magnitude of 2.2 on the Richter scale was felt near the town of Radnevo, it is clear from the data of NIGGG-BAN. The epicenter of the earthquake is 3 km from Radnevo, Stara Zagora region. It was 8 km deep and registered at 11:11 am. A magnitude 4.9 earthquake rocked Romania […]

MMA fighter dies after brain hemorrhage

Rewrite this content Doctors have turned off the life support machines of the MMA fighter Muhamadali Saidov in the USA. He was injured during training. “He had a brain hemorrhage. He was in a coma, only the machine was keeping him alive. At night, the doctors told us that there was nothing more they could […]

Five stole an expensive car from the yard of a house in Germany

Unknown persons stole an expensive car from the yard of a house in the Sofia village of German while the owners were sleeping. The case is from the night of March 16. Security camera footage shows five men casually walking around the house’s yard for about 20 minutes. Then they drive the car out and […]

Vasil Vassilev threatened me that if I didn’t leave, I wouldn’t see a scene

If he doesn’t sign a quitclaim deed, he won’t see a stage for the rest of his life. So Vasil Vasilev threatened the actress Nadia Novoselska while he was the director of the Pleven theater “Ivan Radoev”. The actress herself told about what happened during the march organized by the new culture movement. She was […]