In a little while, the construction of “Struma” and across the gorge will begin

The Basin Directorate in Blagoevgrad gave a positive opinion The basin directorate in Blagoevgrad has given a positive opinion on the construction of the “Struma” highway through the Kresnen Gorge, according to a statement from the department uploaded on its website. According to him, the infamous Lot 3.2 is eligible because it is compatible with […]

A new drug enters the market in our country (Overview)

A new type of narcotic substance enters the market in the country. This was announced by the Ministry of the Interior. In recent days, the ministry has checked more than 1,000 commercial establishments. 13 investigations have also started. The most drug analogues are in Stara Zagora, and in Smolyan they are available in shops close […]

Serious accident on Orlov Bridge in Sofia, a car is on the roof (Video, photos)

A serious accident took place in the area of ​​Orlov Most in Sofia, it became clear from a post in the “Catastrophes in Sofia” Facebook group. A car flipped onto a roof and hit a public transport bus. The reasons for the accident are still unclear. According to eyewitnesses, no one was injured. Stay tuned […]

the multisport connected watch continues to see its price drop!

The Garmin Fenix ​​7X Solar is on sale on Amazon. An unprecedented offer of -150 euros representing one of the biggest discounts on the market today. Able to recharge with solar energy and with many strengths, this multisport connected watch will amaze you. By Le Figaro Services Posted on 04/18/2023 at 12:28update on 04/18/2023 at […]

Congratulations from 117 countries for Kiril Domuschiev

Kiril Domuschiev will receive greetings from 117 countries today. The chairman of KRIB and co-owner of the “Advance Properties” holding, which owns over 100 companies, celebrated his birthday at work. But he made sure that each of his employees received an individual treat – so the birthday will spread to the holding’s 117 offices around […]

A Sofianka complained about a sex maniac in Lyulin district

A resident of Sofia complained about an unpleasant incident in which a sex maniac chased her with a car in Lyulin district. She told about the experience in the Facebook group of the neighborhood. He explained that the man was driving his car and caught up with her near the “Slivnitsa” metro station. He called […]

Bulgarian volunteers who helped Ukrainians were fined BGN 12,000

Bulgarian volunteers helping Ukrainian refugees in our country received fines because of bureaucratic requirements. The famous civil activist Adelina Banakieva, who helps Ukrainians and sick children and adults, told about the case on her Facebook. She talks about the Varna volunteers Antoaneta Ivanova and Vanya Dobreva, who she nominated and received the “Person of the […]

We need an expert government, the key is in Cornelia Ninova

BGN 504 is the limit for the Easter supplement for pensioners, and is the person with BGN 505 rich, she asks Our voters tell us: Make a government, if possible expert. This country cannot do two years without a government! There was something there, and from then on, nothing, Mika Zaikova, a trade union expert, […]