Fairy tale couture, Dior parades but it is a Garrone – Fashion film

In times dominated by the fear of contagion, the presentation of the new haute couture collection by Christian Dior is not a fashion show but becomes a fairy tale film, entitled The Dior Myth, directed by Matteo Garrone, emblematic Italian director who signed Pinocchio. The film is online on the maison’s website. Set among enchanted […]

“Jumbo”, disenchanted merry-go-round – Culture / Next

There are people who fall in love with objects, and it’s really very serious. This is where Zoé Wittock was coming from, in a first film born of his fascination for these individuals, often suffering from autistic disorders, who develop an attraction for the inanimate – so this American objectophile, from whom the filmmaker is […]

At war with boredom: barred western, surrealism and variétoc

1-With opium western Those who have retained the name of S. Craig Zahler for his remarkable thriller Dragged over the bitumen, released directly on video on demand and in the hollow of last summer, will be delighted to learn that his first feature has landed on Prime Video. Released in 2015, Bone Tomahawk works the […]

The Art of Radical Life (Young World Daily)

Photomaton Archives Cohéry Boris Vian / creativecommons.org / licenses / by-sa / 3.0 / deed.en / commons.wikimedia.org / wiki / File: Boris_Vi An identity card picture by Boris Vian Anyone who likes “Hellzapoppin ‘”, the craziest film ever made in the US in 1941, who is friends with Duke Ellington and Miles Davis in the […]

And dreams, objects are | Culture

“These objects are based on the fantasies and representations that can arise when subconscious acts are performed. They have a symbolic function and leave no room for formal concerns. They depend only on the loving imagination of each person, “stated Salvador Dalí in 1931. He referred to the amazing everyday objects that lost the function […]

Women in surrealism: the mind has no gender

art The new surrealism Mind has no gender Status: 1:26 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Leonor Finis “Earth God, who guards the sleep of a youth” from 1946 Source: Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco and Francis Naumann Gallery, New York / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2020 Surrealism was more than a vain men’s club from the […]

“Jinpa”, storytelling rules – Culture / Next

On a deserted road in the Kekexili, Tibetan plateau at an altitude of 5,000 meters, a trucker listens loudly to a local version ofO sole mio before knocking over a sheep who seems to have rushed under his wheels, then he takes on a hitchhiker who declares that he wants to kill someone out of […]