People’s Power, Seeking to Improve the’Voluntary Tax Bomb’… “Eased 900 million → 1.2 billion won per household per house” (Total)

[이미지출처=연합뉴스] [아시아경제 이지은 기자, 임춘한 기자] Ho-young Joo, the representative of the People’s Forces, pointed out the rapid increase in the comprehensive real estate tax (variety tax) and announced that he would come up with an improvement plan. The first head of the High-ranking Officials Crime Investigation Office (KAI) stressed that the decision should be […]

Rada approved a deal on Ukrnafta’s debts

Photo: Press Service of the Verkhovna Rada Rada adopted a bill on Ukrnafta’s debts Parliament allowed to pay off debts with funds from the budget, and the tax difference is used to fight COVID-19. At a meeting on Tuesday, November 17, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a bill on amendments to the state budget for 2020 […]

Syriza defeated, Greece turns the page Tsípras

White shirt and red rose in hand, Aléxis Tsípras showed up on Sunday morning all smiles to vote in a school in the Athenian popular district of Kypséli, where the Greek Prime Minister still lives, having always refused to move under the gold of the Republic after his party’s historic victory four years ago. But […]

The dollar tax in Argentina could trigger the purchase of cryptocurrencies

And it is that every day more people took refuge in the dollar as a response measure to the country’s inflation, for which the BCRA made the decision to implement a 35% advance rate for the income or personal property tax , which is added to the 30% already applied by Country tax. In addition […]

The French withdraw money from their life insurance policies

Web Figaro By Stephanie DELMAS Amended the 09/07/2020 at 08:54 Posted the 09/04/2020 at 09:32 Receive all the news Investments and heritage In the current health and economic context, savers no longer want to take risks with their money. Since the start of 2020, they have withdrawn 5.2 billion euros from their life insurance and […]

NYT – Trump has not paid income tax for 10 years

Washington, Monday 28 September 2020 06:30 News in Ukrainian Photo: Donald Trump ( US President Donald Trump has not paid federal income tax for 10 years. In 2016 and 2017, he transferred only $ 750 each to the Ministry of Finance under this item. The New York Times reports citing tax returns. According to the […]

These are Trump’s new election promises

WITHMillions of new jobs, lower taxes, independence from China: American President Donald Trump published a list of “core priorities” for a second term during the Republican party conference. It essentially includes economic policy goals, the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and other measures against China. Trumps also promises to better equip the American police, for […]

Great strike averted – solution almost one day of overtime

The case is being updated. Thus, there will be no major strike. Norsk Industri has accepted the proposal from the Ombudsman, while Fellesforbundet has recommended the proposal to be sent to a referendum among the members. 28,000 industrial workers were in danger of being taken out on strike, but after negotiating almost 23 hours of […]

Taxes in August: over 200 fiscal deadlines for a treasury of 8.4 billion

19 August 2020 – Last update 19 August 2020 August month of holidays for almost everyone, not for the taxman: we are expiring well 246 tax obligations, all amassed in a few days, from which the state will obtain a treasure of 8.4 billion euros. Almost all is concentrated on August 20, day that also […]

Do You Have An Uncashed Tax Check? Here’s What To Do & How To Fix Other IRS Issues

getty If you have an uncashed tax check at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you’re not alone. Scores of taxpayers and tax professionals have been reaching out about uncashed checks. Making matters worse, the IRS has been sending out underpayment or failure-to-pay notices for those payments. First, you should know that this is clearly a […]