Facebook will show more videos of people who don’t follow users | NOW

Facebook will soon adjust its timeline, reports The Verge Wednesday. As a result, users get to see more stories and reels videos from people or pages that they are not friends with or that they do not follow. The stories and reels (short videos) will be selected by an algorithm. Users should therefore only see […]

Lenovo has opened a manufacturing plant in Hungary

The plant already employs more than 1,000 full-time employees in a variety of engineering, managerial and operational positions, and the number of employees will continue to grow as the facility moves toward full capacity. According to the announcement, the strong infrastructure, skilled workforce and Hungary in the middle of Europe provide the perfect location for […]

Activision Blizzard Shares When Overwatch 2 And Diablo 4 Come Out | NOW

Game developer Activision Blizzard has announced when the shooting game Overwatch 2 and role play Diablo 4 to appear. The games will be released in October and June next year, respectively. Overwatch is a competitive shooting game that gets new characters, levels and challenges with updates. In Diablo players walk around demonic dungeons and battle […]

This is the best activity tracker | NOW

What is the best activity tracker? And which one has the best value for money? The Consumers’ Association answers. With such a tracker you can easily and accurately track your movements. You can also measure your heart rate. Activity trackers are similar to smartwatches, except they are usually a bit simpler and have fewer features. […]

Today I am 18 years old!

Tonight friends, I’m going to ask you to raise a glass for me! Because a few hours ago, it’s been exactly 18 years since I launched Korben.info. Since 1997, I was already writing on the Net, here and there, sharing all my discoveries, my analyses, my hacks. Then one fine day between May and June […]

WhatsApp doubles maximum number of participants in group chats | NOW

WhatsApp users can now create group chats with up to 512 participants. The chat service has started to gradually roll out the update for all WhatsApp versions on Friday. The rollout of the update was first noticed by WABetaInfo† The site had already encountered the feature in an earlier test version of WhatsApp. The feature […]

Meta pulls plug from video calling gadget for consumer market | NOW

Meta may stop producing and selling its video calling gadget Portal for consumers. reported that The Information in The Verge Thursday based on sources. Portal allows users to make video calls through their television. The device was never released in the Netherlands, but is for sale in the United Kingdom and the United States. According […]

Apple may want to release a MacBook Air laptop with a bigger screen by 2023 | NOW

Apple wants to release a MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen next year, news agency reports Bloomberg based on insiders. The company is also said to be working on a 12-inch laptop, the specifications of which have not yet been announced. The unannounced MacBook is a larger variant of the newly announced 13.6-inch MacBook Air. […]

Xbox games to stream on new Samsung TVs from this year | NOW

Microsoft will release an Xbox app on June 30 for Samsung smart televisions released in 2022. This allows Xbox games to be streamed via the cloud, without the need for a console. It is the first time that Microsoft makes such an app available. People with a suitable television can play more than a hundred […]