Sony tests support for 1440p resolution images on PlayStation 5 | games

28 jul 2022 om 15:03Update: 2 dagen geleden The PlayStation 5 will receive support for displays with a maximum resolution of 1440p. A test version of the PlayStation 5 software already offers access to the resolution, which will especially be a godsend for people who play on a gaming monitor. By: our tech editors The […]

I tested DALL-E 2

Thanks to Fooohx, reader of and support on my Twitch, I tested live this week the artificial intelligence DALL-E 2 in beta. For those who missed the phenomenon, DALL-E is an OpenAI project that is capable of producing images from a simple sentence. Last time, I told you about Craiyon which does the same […]

Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is great after twenty hours of play | Reviews

26 jul 2022 om 15:02 The third installment in Nintendo’s role-playing series Xenoblade is bigger and more in-depth than the earlier parts, but also takes tens of hours to get going. By: Bastiaan Vroegop Since 2010, the Japanese Monolith Soft has been making the Xenobladegames for Nintendo game consoles. Those games feature vast, open worlds […]

Logitech targets female gamers with new Aurora gaming collection | Tech

26 jul 2022 om 14:49 Logitech Tuesday unveiled the Aurora line, which includes a new headset, keyboards and mouse. The headphones should fit better on smaller heads and contain noise cancellation. The keyboards and mouse are suitable for smaller hands. By: our tech editors According to Logitech, the Aurora line was developed based on feedback […]

Twitter Lets Shareholders Vote on Musk Deal on September 15​

Jul 27, 2022 @ 3:16am After the failed takeover : Twitter lets shareholders vote on Musk deal in September In April, Elon Musk announced that he would take over Twitter, but in July he changed his mind. The company is considering a lawsuit. Now it’s up to the shareholders. Photo: AFP/OLIVIER DOULIERY San Francisco Now […]

This is how you avoid a big phone bill after your holiday | Tech

23 jul 2022 om 15:00 If you text a lot while on holiday, you can suddenly get a high bill in the bus when you return. Roaming charges often come as a surprise. What are those costs? And when should you pay attention to it? By: Len Maessen Your smartphone normally connects to your own […]

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 in a comparison test: Which Mi Band is worth it?

With the Smart Band 7, Xiaomi has launched the annual offshoot of the Mi Band series presented. We tested it against the Mi Band 5 and 6. Is it worth upgrading? The Smart Band 7 has been given some new features, but also a new price accordingly. Xiaomi would like €60 for it, but the […]