‘Record number of female protagonists in new games’ | NOW

A record number of recently announced games have a woman in the lead. This is shown by research by Feminist Frequency. Game companies typically unveil their major new games in the summer. In previous years, this happened at game fair E3. This time, companies organized their own events because of the corona outbreak. In 18 […]

‘Facebook will not abide by controversial Turkish internet law’ | NOW

Facebook has told the Turkish government that the company will not comply with a new controversial internet law, the company reports Financial Times (FT) based on two insiders. Facebook did not want to respond to the newspaper. The law requires that social media companies operating in Turkey have a representative based in the country. This […]

Facebook takes Chinese accounts offline for the first time after meddling with US | NOW

Facebook has taken Chinese accounts offline for the first time for meddling in US politics. In the United States, the accounts spoke out for and against presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but had “almost no followers,” according to Facebook. It concerns 155 fake Facebook accounts that mainly focused on Southeast Asia and posted […]

Netflix also allows people to watch films and series without a subscription | NOW

Netflix created the so-called Watch Free page on Monday. People can watch a number of films and series for free without a subscription. Viewers do not need a Netflix account for these films and series. The company is trying to attract new subscribers in this way, Netflix showed Gadgets 360 know. Only the first episode […]

Eight reports via CoronaMelder, 412 people had themselves tested | NOW

After a report from the CoronaMelder app, a total of 412 people informed the GGD that they wanted to be tested. They specifically reported that they had contacted the app, said Ron Roozendaal, Director of Information Policy of the Ministry of Health in the House of Representatives on Monday. Eight users reported an infection via […]

TikTok contradicts rival Triller: no takeover talks | NOW

TikTok says Monday CNBC not to be in talks with his US rival Triller for a takeover. According to Triller, a bid has indeed been made. “We are not and will not be in talks with Triller,” a spokesperson for TikTok said. CNBC. “But we’re flattered that Triller admires us so much.” The company also […]

Elon Musk’s company implants chip in pig brain | NOW

The mind reader of Neuralink, a company of Elon Musk, implanted a chip the size of a coin into the brain of a pig on Friday. With the ambitious project, Musk hopes to be able to capture neuronal activity from the chip carrier, so that computers can be controlled by just thinking. The implantation of […]

Facebook nevertheless shares information in investigation into abuses Myanmar | NOW

Facebook has nevertheless passed information about pages and accounts related to the Myanmar military to the independent investigation mechanism for Myanmar IIMM. This committee of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council collects evidence of serious wrongdoing in Myanmar. Myanmar’s government and military are accused of genocide and repression against Rohingyas. Since 2017, more than […]

Facebook against its will blocks group that criticizes Thai royalty | NOW

Facebook has blocked access to a Facebook group with one million members in Thailand at the insistence of the government. The group has criticized Thai King Rama X, who has come under pressure in recent weeks over popular protests. The Facebook group in question was created in April by a Thai living in Japan who […]

Former security chief Uber charged with hack concealment in 2016 | NOW

Joseph Sullivan, the former security chief of Uber, is due to appear in court for concealing a major hack at the company in 2016, the U.S. Justice Department reported Thursday. The hack stole the names, email addresses and cell phone numbers of 57 million Uber customers and drivers. Driving license data of 600,000 Uber drivers […]