LIVE results of Tucumán: how the 2023 elections are going

17:48 hs He went to vote and was left as table president: “They did not give me any training” Going to vote very early in the morning, when the schools have just opened their doors, is usually a choice that many citizens make to leave early. But sometimes it can cause a headache. That happened […]

El País hacked: YouTube channel appears as ‘Tesla (News)’

Written in WORLD on 7/27/2023 5:44 p.m. The official account of YouTube of The countryone of the most important communication media in Spain, was hacked and now it only appears as “Tesla (News)”; The change was only in the name of the channel, because the videos from said account have not been deleted. So far, […]

State, government and Congress gendarmes!

Herbert Mujica Rojas When the State, via its government and in very secret agreement with Congress, militarizes by sending troops or interminable states of emergency, the country walks on dictatorial paths. Simple as that. Tragic proof of the situation that Peru is experiencing after December 5, 2022, is the tragic death, from bullets, of more […]

Letters from readers: candidate without a record

Reading page 15 of LA GACETA of 05/09, I am surprised that those who grant this official document to those who present themselves as candidates for public office -in this case elective-, have not taken into account: the investigation begun in 2021; nor that the person referred to in the chronicle was accused of simple […]

The Digital Country | The letter cannot enter with blood

There are several meanings about the word blood: 1. It is a liquid connective tissue, driven by the heart that circulates through capillaries, veins and arteries of all vertebrates. It transports oxygen, food and waste products. Its characteristic red color is due to the presence of the hemoglobin pigment contained in red blood cells; 2. […]

Colombian President Announces Rescue of Missing Children, But Corrects the Statement Later

Mith his announcement, Colombian President Gustavo Petro had excited many people: “Operation Hope” had succeeded, four children, including an eleven-month-old baby, had been found alive in the dense Colombian Amazon rainforest more than two weeks after a plane crash, Petro announced on Twitter on Wednesday. He corrected himself on Thursday. Petro admitted that the children […]