BMKG Monitors Cyclone 92S Seeds, This Is the Impact of Weather in Indonesia! – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) is monitoring the presence of tropical cyclone 92S in the Indian Ocean southwest of Banten. To be precise, the seeds of the cyclone are at 12.8 degrees South Latitude and 103.4 degrees East Longitude, with a maximum wind speed of 20 knots and a minimum air […]

Weather forecast for the whole summer 2022: THESE heat will come

AccuWeather’s team of forecasters analyzed the weather around the world to put together what will happen in Europe in the coming months and months. Chief Meteorologist Tyler Roys and Chief Meteorologist Alan Reppert believe that this summer could be warmer on most continents than usual. The summer will officially begin on Tuesday, June 21 in […]

Believed to be a bad omen, the sky in China is blood red

TEXAS – Residents in Zhoushan city, China , shocked by the sight of the sky turning red like blood. As reported by the Daily Star, the incident occurred at night when the sky turned orange-red with a thick layer of fog. READ ALSO – Similar to Palu, Frightening Natural Phenomenon ‘Liquidation’ Rocks Ireland The red […]

Obesity and smoking, fatal factors for heart health | PUBLIC .MD

Obesity affects about 30% of the world’s population and poses a major risk to cardiovascular health. The combination of obesity and smoking can be fatal to the heart and increase the risk of premature death. Even so, overweight or obese people continue to smoke for fear that they will gain weight quickly after quitting. Cardiologist […]

Weather forecast for April 14 for NY, NJ. CT – Telemundo New York (47)

The tri-state area woke up Thursday to sunshine and wonderful weather that feels like summer. The day brings the warmest weather to the region since mid-September last year. Temperatures are expected to climb into the 70s and 80s in parts of the area. However, a wind will keep temperatures in the 60s along the coast, […]

A NIMH forecaster announced something unexpected for Tuesday

During the night over most of the country the clouds were significant and in some places, mainly in southern Bulgaria it rained. The minimum temperatures were between 0 ° and 5 °, in Sofia – around 0 °. This was announced by the on-duty weather forecaster from the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology Krassimir […]

Happened in 8 hours| Weather tomorrow, Monday, and new dates for closing the neighborhood

07:52 PM Sunday 27 March 2022 Books – Osama Ali: Today, Sunday, Egypt witnessed political, social and economic events, most notably President Sisi’s meeting with the Prime Minister and Minister of Petroleum, new government decisions in preparation for Ramadan, and the Senate definitively agrees to amend the Civil Work Law. The weather tomorrow, Monday, extending […]