Google warns.. These phones are vulnerable to serious breaches! – names

Google has warned of the existence of about 18 exposed vulnerabilities in the Exynos chipset used in Samsung devices. According to Google’s Project Zero vulnerability research team, 4 of the 18 exposed vulnerabilities are the most critical, as they allow remote code execution from the Internet to the baseband. Samsung explained that remote code execution […]

The era of unproductive capital | Opinion

From Rio de Janeiro With that title, Ladislau Dowborone of the best contemporary economic analysts of Brazil, published a book that is an indispensable reference to understand the country in its neoliberal era. (Outras Palavras Publisher/Literary Autonomy) “The new architecture of power: financial domination, kidnapping of democracy and destruction of the planet”. ANDThe subtitle indicates […]

Semiconductor shortage, its causes, and how the world dealt with it

• The State of Taiwan, which comes at the top of the list of countries that produce electronic chips, and the name of its company is “TSMC”.• South Korea, which is also one of the most important countries that manufacture electronic chips, and the two companies that manufacture them are Samsung and SK Hynix.• The […]

Microsoft makes Outlook free for Mac computers

Tell me – Microsoft announced the availability of the Outlook email program for free on Mac computers running the MacOS operating system, but on the condition that ads appear. And the American company stated that it had redesigned the Outlook program to align it with the M1 and M2 processors developed by Apple. It is […]

“Ruins – Russia’s self-portrait”. Civilians were fired upon in Kherson

Three people were killed in the shelling of Russian forces in the city of Kherson, Ukraine, on March 11. A number of civilians died before him in Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk regions. Over the past day, about a hundred attacks by Russia on the neighboring country have been repelled. Journalistic investigations show that there have been […]