Miami and South Florida Weather Forecast – NBC 7 Miami

After the heavy rains that fell in the early hours of South Florida, conditions improve a little on Friday morning. A combination of easterly winds and increased cloud cover will contribute to a warmer Friday in South Florida, although we will also have some showers. The weather continues to be unstable, with the potential for […]

Is technology eating the present? No way, we’ll do it ourselves

The year is young and one feels old oneself. Where have the last twelve months gone? Somehow they’re gone, swallowed up in the moment of New Year’s Eve. A strange feeling: time flies and stretches at the same time like old chewing gum to which every bad memory seems to stick forever. The French media […]

Dangerous Winter Storm Sweeps Southeastern US – NBC 7 Houston

ATLANTA — A dangerous winter storm combining high winds and ice threatens more than 80 million people in parts of the southeastern United States on Sunday, knocking out power, toppling trees and fences and coating roads with a treacherous icy glaze. A total of 230,000 customers were without power in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, […]

She gives birth in a video call, ‘118 saved my life’ – Emilia-Romagna

The nurse: ‘It was imminent, they couldn’t go to the hospital’ “She saw everything and guided me, she was with me all the time. I had already given birth twice, but this was crazy. If I hadn’t called 911 the baby wouldn’t be alive. They saved my life, that of the baby and mine too. […]

Karaday signaled in the Capital of Tolerance

As future President and Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, one of our main goals is to work for the preservation and promotion of the historical and cultural heritage of our country. Religious diversity is part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage. This was stated by the MRF leader and presidential candidate Mustafa Karadayi in […]

The National Football Team arrives in Sharjah, stays at the top 40 Safeland Hotel, Li Tie still surrenders business class to his team members_airport

Original title: The National Football Team arrives in Sharjah and stays at the top 40 Safeland Hotel. Li Tie still gives up business class to the team members The Chinese National Men’s Football Team and the Chinese Football Association team departed from Shanghai Pudong International Airport on a Eastern Airlines flight in the early morning […]

The head of the BMA: Listen to the experts about the vaccines, not the politicians

Listen to experts about vaccines, not politicians. This was called for by the head of the Bulgarian Medical Union, Dr. Ivan Madjarov, who participated in a briefing of the Ministry of Health and the nationally represented patient organizations. The situation is critical, we are facing a huge threat and this requires joint action. We call […]