For Haruki Murakami, the fight against coronavirus “is not a war”

“I chose music hoping it would do you some good. Not sure if it works, I’ll try ”, warns the one who irregularly hosts a musical program on Tokyo FM radio for almost two years. But the special “Stay home” broadcast Friday evening had a particular resonance giving food for thought and confidentiality. The novelist […]

‘Streaming’: the present of music

The streaming It is in our lives. We live in an era in which we listen to more music than ever, and, like everything else, this is increasingly fragmented, with an increasing weight of playlists. The algorithms decide for us. For better and for worse. These are the main figures of the sector. Keep reading. […]

Technology to control the right to digital disconnection in times of teleworking

The increase intelecommutingbecause of the isolation situation caused by the Covid-19 is generatingnew debates around the right to digital disconnection andto control the registration of working hours. Experts warn that this type of work can lead to an increase in the hours that workers spend performing their tasks, since the line between personal and work […]

“Self-portrait in still life”, canvas dust

Still travel, it’s seasonal, “Around silent things”, Self-portrait in still life will have made us wander (future future, the grammatical time of ghosts, according to Jean-Paul Iommi-Amunatégui) in front of deserted tables, mummies in the frock of the Capuchin crypt in Palermo or the empty rooms in a row of the Danish painter Hammershøi. The […]

‘Paco’s men’ return to Antena 3 to adapt to the new times

The Serie ‘Paco’s men’, which averaged large audiences between 2005 and 2010, returns to Antena 3’s “prime time” with some of its protagonists, who will adapt “to the new times” and “an important turn” that will mean “before and after” in their lives. This was confirmed by Atresmedia and Globomedia, producers of the series, in […]

it affects not only the lungs, but the whole body

The first 10 days after the onset of symptoms of the disease, the 38-year-old American was feeling quite well. He was not at risk; he had no chronic diseases. – The man was examined, the disease was mild. The patient had a slight cough. Therefore, he was sent home for treatment, ”says the head of […]

Arrested in the Hörsterfeld after chase by Essen

Eat. Two people have chased the police through Essen. First they escaped, but later the officials snapped them up. Police officers in Essen arrested two people on Tuesday evening who had previously chased themselves with the police. According to the police, officials had arrived at 6:35 p.m. Hachestrasse tries to stop a car for traffic […]