A special feature in the iPhone to block “annoying ads”

The tracking and tracking feature in smartphones helps to know what the user is looking for and what he wants to buy, to suggest relevant ads to him. Cnet said that a special feature in iOS 14.5 and modern iPhone systems would enhance user privacy and give them freedom of choice. He explained that the […]

Snapchat: Have few problems with Apple’s app tracking transparency

Advertisers and social networks are groaning heavily under Apple’s new app tracking transparency (ATT). This obliges providers of iOS and iPadOS programs to ask users for their consent beforehand before tracking can be carried out for commercial purposes beyond the app. According to the industry, Facebook advertising is said to have become up to 40 […]

Covid: cluster in the Balearics, the positives are more than 1,100 – Europe

There are 1,167 coronavirus infections linked to maxi clusters registered in Spain among students on an end-of-school trip to Mallorca and Menorca (Balearic Islands). This was stated at a press conference by Fernando Simón, head of the Spanish government’s covid emergency response team. In addition, there are 4,796 people in quarantine. “These are important figures”, […]

Covid: 43 Delta variant cases, concern entrances to Isola – Sardinia

In Trinità d’Agultu there are curfews and outdoor masks Twenty-nine cases in northern Sardinia and 14 in the south: these are the current numbers of the Delta variant in Sardinia ascertained and sequenced in the laboratories of the Aou of Cagliari and of the Aou of Sassari. The island looks with concern at the now […]

Covid: Delta variant, eight confirmed cases in Piedmont – Piedmont

The last two in the Biella area after dinner in the sanctuary (ANSA) – TURIN, June 26 – There are eight cases of the Delta variant identified from early May to today in Piedmont. There are six Italians and two foreigners asymptomatic or with symptoms of no particular severity. All already healed, or on the […]

Cts-Ministry of Health Summit on Delta variant and discos – Health

Pending the results of the new investigation by the Higher Institute of Health on the spread of variants of the SasrCov2 virus in Italy, expected shortly and which should confirm an increase in cases of the Delta variant, comes a squeeze on the controls and tracking of this very mutation, more formidable as it is […]

Apple attacks the tracking of our personal data

Apple is preparing to update its iOS 14.5 operating system for iPhone. Among the new features, the possibility of unlocking your smartphone by facial recognition even if you wear a mask; or that of finally choosing the type of voice (male or female) of Siri, the personal assistant of the Apple brand. Other developments expected […]

Companies don’t know their website visitors

Every second company is unable to identify the users on its website. That’s what a study by Forrester Consulting says. This also means that they cannot gain any knowledge about their customers. Professional customer experience management is one of the greatest challenges in marketing. It’s about optimizing all touchpoints at which a customer can come […]

Jornal de Leiria – Leiria Hospital Center denies TVI

Following the news yesterday issued by TVI, that there is an outbreak of Covid-19, in the Centro Hospitalar de Leiria (CHL), the health institution came to correct today, in a statement part of the information advanced by the television station. The CHL denies that two users were “admitted to Medicine II without performing the Sars-CoV-2 […]

Oms, don’t wait for the vaccine, we can stop the pandemic – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 20 – “We can stop Covid-19. We must not wait for the vaccine, we must stop the pandemic now”. This was stated by WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in the briefing in Geneva. “We must support and accelerate with the vaccine, but we must also save lives now using the tools […]