John Travolta has spoken candidly about the loss of his wife

It’s been two years since Kelly Preston died of breast cancer at the age of 57 – the actress left behind two children, as well as her beloved husband John Travolta, who to this day has not really gotten over the loss of his love. It’s terrible what the actor went through As an actor, […]

Illness on the beach, clinical director of Cagliari – Sardinia dies

Tragedy in the Oristano area, victim was 57 years old Tragedy on the beach in Sardinia. Alessandro Zuddas, 57 years old from Cagliari, director of the child neuropsychiatry clinic of the Microcitemico hospital of the capital, died on the Oristano coast of Is Arenas, after having accused a sudden illness […]

the truck driver “didn’t know the air conditioning had stopped working”

The driver of a truck that killed 53 heat-smothered migrants in Texas did not know the air conditioning had stopped working, court documents show. ReutersPhotos of the driver were captured on CCTV at a checkpoint. Homer Zamorano, 45, was found hiding near the truck Monday, authorities said. He is one of four people charged. Zamorano […]

Index – FOMO – Péter Kőváry, frontman of the Neo band, dies

His brother, Zoltán Kőváry, announced his death on Facebook. According to him, Péter Kőváry died among his family at dawn on Monday. Péter Kőváry has been playing in the Neo since 2003, which was a popular band in the 2000s. The name of the band is tied to Control also the music of the film. […]