Cancel car insurance and save money –

Deadline November 30th – Change car insurance & save money The end of November is an important date for motorists to save money. Then the fuel prices are not reduced, but the annual car insurance can be canceled. You can find out here why this is the case, what you need to look out for […]

“Communities” in groups and more –

For many, WhatsApp is a simple and fast way of communication and it is hard to imagine life without it. Messenger is now announcing a number of new features. A new function could be particularly interesting for those who are in WhatsApp groups. Changes especially for WhatsApp groups The innovations are aimed in particular at […]

How not to get sick? 10 health tips!

Summary : 1. Food 2. Hydration 3. Sleep 4. Physical activity 5. Ventilation and cleaning 6. Hand washing 7. Clothing 8. Distances 9. Nose wash 10. No Stress 10 health tips to avoid getting sick: 1. Food Food is essential for good health and strengthening the immune system. Here are the main elements that […]

This is how you can disable the explorer tabs

With the October 22H2 update for Windows 11, Microsoft introduces the new Tabbed File Explorer. Despite beta tests, however, there are annoying errors. Until the bugs are fixed, it’s worth using the old version of Explorer. That’s how it works. Tabs have become indispensable in the browser and Apple recognized the trend early on and […]

save on your health insurance

Once again, health insurance premiums have taken the lift! Depending on the insurance model, age and canton, the premium increase for 2023 can easily even exceed 10%. In an already tense current economic situation (rising cost of living, electricity, etc.), it is more than ever time to save on your health insurance. Most insured persons […]

The WhatsApp trick to transcribe audio without installing anything

Transcribing WhatsApp audio would be one of the best functions of the application, but while waiting for the company to include this utility in the official app, we are going to show you another method that you can follow without installing any app. [Con lo nuevo de WhatsApp no volverás a perderte los estados de […]

FIFA 23 Ratings: These are the five star skillers

© getty Which one of you at FIFA always attaches great importance to dancing your way through the defenses? McGeady spin here, Bolasie flick there – with the following players you are also well positioned in FIFA 23. These are the five star skillers in the game. © getty First of all: Anyone who was looking forward […]