Started development to eliminate OpenAI, ChatGPT ‘lies’?[궁금한AI]

[이데일리 함정선 기자] One of the biggest problems with generative artificial intelligence (AI) services such as ChatGPT is ‘lying’. do you remember Existing AI services such as AI speakers always answered “I don’t know”. Unlike existing AI services that answered “I don’t know” or showed web search results if there was no data, generative AI […]

“A comet the size of Mount Everest is coming to Earth!”[씬나는경제]

[이데일리 이명철 기자] Every scene in the movie contains the reality we live in. Let’s freely unravel the economic and financial stories seen through the scene. [편집자주] ※Spoiler alert: The plot and ending of the movie may be exposed. Dr. Mindy and Kate appeared on ‘American Morning Yard’ to announce the comet collision. The host […]

[위클리크레딧]HDC Hyunsan overcame rating downgrade crisis

[이데일리 마켓in 안혜신 기자] In the credit market this week HDC Hyundai Development Company (294870)This credit rating downgrade risk was avoided. Paradise (034230)has an upgraded rating outlook. Ki-pyeong Han lifts HDC Hyundai Development Company’s ‘negative review’ Korea Ratings lifted the ‘negative review’ of HDC Hyundai Development Company’s non-guaranteed bonds and maintained the credit rating of […]

Will the OEDC further lower its forecast for Korea’s economic growth this year?

[세종=이데일리 이지은 기자] On the 7th, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will announce the forecast for Korea’s economic growth rate this year. With domestic and foreign institutions lowering their forecast one after another, attention is focused on whether the OECD will lower its forecast from 1.6%. Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance […]

Ensol Bio confirms the possibility of cartilage regeneration in phase 1 osteoarthritis treatment…’Expectation for technology transfer’

[이데일리 유진희 기자] Ensol Bioscience announced on the 31st that it has confirmed the drug’s safety, pain relieving efficacy and cartilage regeneration potential compared to placebo as a result of data analysis of phase 1b clinical trials of the recently completed osteoarthritis treatment E1K. (Photo = Ensol Bioscience) The E1K phase 1b clinical trial was […]

‘Hope’ Japan, recovery training, but… eventually eliminated after 22 years

Japan experienced the bitter taste of being eliminated from the U-20 World Cup group stage. Photo = AFPBB NEWS [이데일리 스타in 허윤수 기자] As the U-20 World Cup group stage journey came to an end, Japan accepted a bitter result. Japan was placed in Group C along with Senegal, Colombia and Israel. The start was […]